With His Help

Broadcast #: 6636

You can face all things, even impossible things, with God’s help. Not what you can do, but what He can do with what you have!

The Human Dilemma

Broadcast #: 6617

Anytime you team difficulties with Almighty God, you will overcome them. As with the resurrection, there is no limit to what God can do for you if you trust Him.

Safe In The Storm

Broadcast #: 6407

You don’t have to know everything that’s happening in order to trust Jesus. Just realize that if you’re in God’s will and Jesus is with you, that you will not sink and He will always keep you afloat, no matter what the situation.

Blessing His Will

Broadcast #: 6342

When the Lord Jesus invites you to sit down at His table, it is indeed the cup of blessing which we bless.