Our Keeper

Broadcast #: 7238
Scripture: 2 Peter 2:1-5

Take your stand on the fact that if you belong to the Lord Jesus, you’re in His hands and He is going to keep you.

Safe With Him

Broadcast #: 7023
Scripture: Psalm 37:37:39-40

Real trust involves relinquishing your right to control the situation and giving over control to God. Explore how and why we trust God to be our shield.

Turning Yourself Over To God

Broadcast #: 7022
Scripture: Psalm 37:40

Making a habit of giving God control in every situation leads to a life of adventure and dependence on Him and His strength. Here is the divine peace that accompanies total self-surrender to God.

Earning To Be Heard

Broadcast #: 7446
Scripture: Romans 14:1

The way to strengthen a person who is weak in their prayer life is to show him or her how real praying can result in real answers from God.