Perfect, Brilliant Light

Broadcast #: 6797

The Light of the World: When He comes into your life, He makes a difference by lighting up your heart.

Send Me!

Broadcast #: 6793

God wants to send you to be a blessing — He’ll always start on the basis of things and people that you know.

The Centurion’s Response

Broadcast #: 6644

This is not, then, the end of a life that was ending with a whimper, but it’s ending with a cry of victory.

Remarkable Happenings

Broadcast #: 6615

The way Christ died and the events following, reiterated that He was truly the Son of God.

We Won

Broadcast #: 6524

Stand in the merits and in the strength and in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan can’t touch you.

Spiritual Pushback

Broadcast #: 7522

Every time you say, “I want it my way and not your way God” you’re asking for trouble.