The Centurion’s Response

Broadcast #: 6644
Scripture: Mark 15

This is not, then, the end of a life that was ending with a whimper, but it’s ending with a cry of victory.

The Secret Believer

Broadcast #: 6616
Scripture: Mark 15:39-47

If you ever doubt Christ, look to what He is doing. He knows your heart. Confess Him and He will never forsake you.

Remarkable Happenings

Broadcast #: 6615
Scripture: Mark 15:33-39

The way Christ died and the events following, reiterated that He was truly the Son of God.

Suffering Experienced With Him

Broadcast #: 6614
Scripture: Mark 15:22-33

Suffering, when you experience it with the Lord Jesus makes you love Him more and makes you a more Christ-like person.

Situations Of His Planning

Broadcast #: 6613
Scripture: Mark 15:5-21

Take situations as from the Lord, because He has planned your life from all eternity.

He Answers Your Cry

Broadcast #: 6612
Scripture: Mark 15:1-22

God won’t always answer our questions. However, He will always answer our cry.