Many Hearts Made One

Broadcast #: 7326

There is no difference that Christ cannot sanctify by His presence. There is a oneness of heart that makes us one in Christ. Christ is all and in all.

Bound In Peace

Broadcast #: 7325

There’s room in God’s economy for infinite variety, but it always honors Jesus. It always is true to the Word and it always results in bringing people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Jigsaw Of Faith

Broadcast #: 7302

Did you know that when people pray together, they get along better? Did you know that when the church gets on its knees, church politics seem to diminish, and if not, disappear altogether?

Honor His House

Broadcast #: 6704

It is important, for our sake, that when we go into His house, we know that it is His house.

Praying The Way

Broadcast #: 6386

Is it worthwhile to obey God, no matter what the cost may be?

Right Eyes

Broadcast #: 6384

Make sure that when you go into God’s house, you’re not looking for reasons to find flaws and to criticize.

Victorious Victory

Broadcast #: 6373

Yield yourself to Christ and let the Holy Spirit of God guide you. You’ll find that you too, have the thrill and the joy of winning somebody to the Lord Jesus.