The Purpose Of God’s Discipline

Broadcast #: 7174

There is no judgement for those who are saved, but we are disciplined as God’s children so that we may be changed. Revival begins when God’s children obey and then spreads to unbelievers.

The Desire To Change

Broadcast #: 7173

We can bring the impossible areas of our life to God that we feel we can’t change. He gives us the “want to” to turn over our habits, thoughts and heart to Him.

Need A Change?

Broadcast #: 6671

God through the Holy Spirit can change you and others. You can grow in grace and knowledge. How is God impacting you?

Give God Your Fears

Broadcast #: 6632

We all have fears in life. Remember, God wants to reassure you and help you, not embarrass you. Let Him have all your fears.

Time Well Spent

Broadcast #: 6470

Start spending a little extra time with your Lord. Get to know Him.

Wanting And Willing

Broadcast #: 6469

Let the Lord Jesus take over the management of that part of your life that involves the biggest degree of self-reliance.

Changing The Scene

Broadcast #: 6363

The blessed Spirit of God acting on the inerrant, inspired, infallible Word of God can make a change in you.

Call And Answer

Broadcast #: 6316

Have you really called on God? Have you gotten down to business with God? God waits until you’re real.