Getting What You Want

Broadcast #: 7002
Scripture: Psalm 37:4

People love getting what they want. What we long for, or aquire, or work for usually indicates where our heart lies. Here are God’s guidelines for getting what we want in life.

Reprove To Improve

Broadcast #: 6339
Scripture: Psalm 23:5

If some precious brother or sister points out a fault, don’t fight it. Listen. God, the Holy Spirit, may be wanting to speak to you along that very line.

One Who Loves

Broadcast #: 6496
Scripture: Colossians 1:7

You minister to people as you share Christ with them.

Exchanging Wants

Broadcast #: 7501
Scripture: Romans 15:32

How much better and how much wiser it is, beloved, just to say, “Lord Jesus, I want what you want.”