Born Again

Alive And Well

Broadcast #: 7245

The Holy Spirit dwells in you. If you acknowledge this — through the fact that He’s there and you’re yielding to him — you’re really, really going to live.

The Logic Of Holiness

Broadcast #: 7133

Holiness in action is as a result of our salvation. Being born again is a new life aquired without money, society or human effort.

Born Of The Spirit

Broadcast #: 6820

The real born-again experience only comes when the Spirit of God working within you.

Preeminent Knowledge

Broadcast #: 6819

Take comfort in the fact that when you start a prayer, God already knows your needs.

Our Relationship To Others

Broadcast #: 6659

How do we relate and how should we handle Christians in our care? One key is to always manifest the truth in love and commit to the Will of God.

Partakers By Faith

Broadcast #: 6523

Today, by faith, reach out and take all that Christ has purchased for you.

Our Family Inheritance

Broadcast #: 6522

We’ve been born from above to an inheritance — incorruptible and undefiled.