Abide In Me

Eternal Works

Broadcast #: 6996
Scripture: John 15

It’s your business to do whatever God has assigned to you. But as you consciously depend on the Lord Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit who indwells the believer – as you consciously depend upon your Lord – what you do becomes eternally significant.

Business of Abiding

Broadcast #: 6920
Scripture: John 15:1-4

What is this business of abiding in Christ? It means that you take by faith all He has for you and receive in turn by faith all of His blessed presence, power, and enablement.

More Fruit

Broadcast #: 6919
Scripture: John 15:1-4

Ask God in His own wonderful way to make it possible for you to become more and more fruitful. The fruit of a Christian is somebody else that’s been introduced to Jesus because of you.