Abide In Christ

Innocent Love

Broadcast #: 6927
Scripture: John 15:9-11

That’s exactly what we say to other believers. “If you love Jesus, I love you too.” And then there is that open, free, uncalculated, non-scheming kind of love that doesn’t try to affect the other person at all – it just receives him or her with open heart, because of love for Jesus.

Be Productive

Broadcast #: 6923
Scripture: John 15:6

Jesus speaks of your fruit and that means the productivity of the Christian life: producing by your impact upon other people, producing others who also know and love and abide in the Lord Jesus.

Stay Connected to God

Broadcast #: 6921
Scripture: John 15:4

This is something that ought to frighten every one of us: the possibility of through our own carelessness and willfulness, of separating ourselves from the life-giving, sustaining presence and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Royally Unashamed

Broadcast #: 6450
Scripture: Mark 8:35-38

You have to work at this matter of making sure that the Lord Jesus Christ is honored in your lifestyle.

In Thy Will

Broadcast #: 7487
Scripture: Romans 15:25-28

God never scolds you for your wants. What He does ask is that you take your thoughts and the things you want and you bring them to Him and you subject them to His perfect, sovereign Will.