Obedience Fulfilled

Broadcast #: 7000
Scripture: John 21

I don’t know what God has specially for you today, but I know this: as you open your heart to Him in love and in worship, He’ll whisper to you some things He has you specially chosen for you.

Wait For The Whisper

Broadcast #: 6999
Scripture: John 20

Wait on the Lord, the Bible says. As you wait before him, the Holy Spirit of God faithfully will whisper to your heart something that you need to believe and to act upon.

Like Our Father

Broadcast #: 6998
Scripture: John 17

Talk to your Heavenly Father about those various characteristics that are His and ask Him to plant them in your own life.

The Sustainer

Broadcast #: 6997
Scripture: John 16

You have to abide in me. That means “depend on me for life, for nourishment, for substance, for protection” – for the sustaining strength that the Vine gives to the branches.

Eternal Works

Broadcast #: 6996
Scripture: John 15

It’s your business to do whatever God has assigned to you. But as you consciously depend on the Lord Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit who indwells the believer – as you consciously depend upon your Lord – what you do becomes eternally significant.

Open Doors

Broadcast #: 6995
Scripture: John 14

Now the Bible tells us to be filled with the Spirit – that is to say, open by faith, all the doors of your heart house to the Holy Spirit – and let Him fill all of your life.

Secret Service

Broadcast #: 6994
Scripture: John 13

Go cheerfully out of your way to help another without being asked – that is the secret of real service. You and I, who are believers, should be the first to initiate that blessed course of action.

Don’t Waste Time

Broadcast #: 6993
Scripture: John 12

You don’t always have an opportunity to obey the Will of God. You need to obey and to take advantage of it in His time.

Through The Wringer

Broadcast #: 6992
Scripture: John 11

God’s purpose of putting you through the wringer is that He might get the glory and Jesus might be glorified. This is the end result of anything you’re experiencing.

His Voice

Broadcast #: 6991
Scripture: John 10

We ought to know the voice of the Savior. The way you get to know the voice of the Savior, is number one, through the Word, number two, through the indwelling Holy Spirit.