Resources referencing John

Stop And Take A Drink

Broadcast #: 6864

Jesus waits until you get thirsty for Him, then He'll satisfy your heart.


Broadcast #: 6949

The name of Jesus begins to shine when the Holy Spirit reduplicates in your life the characteristics of the Savior whom you love.


Broadcast #: 6791

The touch of the Holy Spirit — the One who dwells within the believer — makes the real difference.


Broadcast #: 6792

One of the finest evidences that the Light of God has begun to shine in someone’s life is an outpouring of love.

Send Me!

Broadcast #: 6793

God wants to send you to be a blessing — He’ll always start on the basis of things and people that you know.

Marching Orders

Broadcast #: 6794

God doesn’t always explain what He has in mind when He tells you to do something — but he does expect you to obey.

Named After Him

Broadcast #: 6795

When people say your name, do they think in terms of honoring God?

Making A Difference

Broadcast #: 6796

He wants you to be something for Him — He wants other people to be different and better because you came along.

Move Over

Broadcast #: 6798

Are you too busy to recognize God? Too busy to pray? Too busy to let Jesus Christ be Lord of your life?

A Call

Broadcast #: 6799

The Lord Jesus allows (and maybe) plans things to come into your life just to get your attention.