Before You Speak

Broadcast #: 6313
Scripture: Colossians 4:5

The combination of Christian vocabulary is God’s grace and common sense. God’s grace and common sense, put together, give you an effective vocabulary.

A Believer’s Faith

Broadcast #: 6312
Scripture: Colossians 3:17

You haven’t got the answer yet, so far as seeing it or holding it in your hand. But in God’s sight, the prayer is answered and you can thank Him for it.

The Word Indwelling

Broadcast #: 6311
Scripture: Colossians 3:12-16

It’s good to read the Bible. It’s good to think about it and meditate about it. But the real benefit there is for you is when the Word of Christ dwells in you.

Refreshed And Renewed

Broadcast #: 6310
Scripture: Colossians 3:10

What God wants to do for you is to make you more like Jesus — today, and every day of your life. Wait on Him until you have that fresh touch, beloved, before you go out to meet the world.

How To Live Faithfully

Broadcast #: 6309
Scripture: Colossians 3:10-14

Pride is the essence of human failure; and it is also the point at which many a person fails in his or her Christian life. So, by faith, put on humility.

Emotions In Check

Broadcast #: 6308
Scripture: Colossians 3:1-9

A series of decisions based on commitment to Christ eventuates in a character that is geared to heaven’s standards.

Desiring His Will

Broadcast #: 6307
Scripture: Colossians 2:12

God takes care of the two problems of human nature. One is this: you don’t want to do the right thing a lot of times. The ‘will’ to do right is not always there.

Marked By Love

Broadcast #: 6306
Scripture: Colossians 2:11-12

Part of your completeness then, as a Christian, is the fact that you are marked as being His own. Don’t run away from it.

The Spillover Effect

Broadcast #: 6305
Scripture: Colossians 2:10

If you know the Lord Jesus, you’re going to show the effects of that relationship in every department of your life.

Rain Or Shine

Broadcast #: 6304
Scripture: Colossians 2:10

Make a habit of turning often to your blessed living Lord and committing the present situation to Him… everything from a possible promotion to a flat tire.