Broadcasts referencing Mark

Gospel In Motion

Broadcast #: 6362

The beginning of the Gospel includes the preaching of the Gospel — the outreach of the Gospel — by means of the use of every kind of medium and Spirit-filled believers.

Every Hour

Broadcast #: 6364

Never let a day go by that you don’t have a precious, personal meeting with your loving heavenly Father in prayer.

Stand Strong

Broadcast #: 6365

Satan is interested in making so-called "good people" who can do their work and live their lives without God.

A Perfect Plan

Broadcast #: 6366

Would you tie the destiny of your own life to the fact that God is always right?

A Vessel Of Grace

Broadcast #: 6368

God can take the person that is you, whatever you are, and make a saving impact upon other people by His Holy Spirit working through your life.

First And Foremost

Broadcast #: 6369

Make sure that the Lord Jesus and the Will of God are more important than what the gang wants. The crowd is almost always wrong.

Making Room

Broadcast #: 6370

We live a hurried existence. But beloved, the best thing you can do is spend some time with your blessed Lord, worshiping Him and letting Him speak to you.

Winning The Battle

Broadcast #: 6371

Some of the saddest things in all of life are those times when you see someone who has been used of God but is tripped up by Satan’s snares.


Broadcast #: 6372

You are absolutely unsinkable when you are in the Will of God: filled with the Spirit of God and obeying the Will of God.