Recently Added CDs

NEW! - Offering Up Our Lives - 4 CD Set

This four-disc Easter season set features 20 broadcasts from Dr. Cook’s series on the book of Mark. Starting from the story of Mary Magdalene, this collection explores offering our time, our gifts, and our entire lives to Christ.

The Peace of Prayer

Dr. Robert Cook discusses the power of prayer, dealing with unanswered requests, and establishing daily prayer habits in this collection of daily broadcasts and two, special half-hour radio specials.

Essential Cookisms

An eclectic selection of classic broadcasts on a wide range of practical, everyday wisdom — all summed up with memorable short-form sayings we call “Cookisms”.

One More Thing

A never-before-released collection of Walk With The King broadcasts, each featuring a Dr. Cook signature sidebar known as a "Small Thought Here”.

What Good is Trouble?

A sermon by Dr. Cook on II Corinthians 1:1-10. Preached live at Calvary Baptist Church, NYC.