Broadcasts referencing Titus

Standing Tall

Broadcast #: 6476

If you’re going to carry out God’s work here on earth, it is so important that you be straight on the Word of God.

Lord Of Your Heart

Broadcast #: 6477

There’s a real battle in the human heart: Is the Lord Jesus going to be Lord or is He not?

Conscience Cultivating

Broadcast #: 6478

Cultivate a tender conscience where it concerns your own moral life, your own private thoughts, and your relationships with other people.

Comforted To Comfort

Broadcast #: 6479

When your life is filled with God’s Holy Spirit, you’ll make people feel comforted just by being with them.

Planning Is Praying

Broadcast #: 6480

If you’ll pray through the agenda, you’ll find that it’s a better meeting and generally a shorter meeting.

The Most Valuable

Broadcast #: 6481

People are important. Seek to provide for those in your life properly.

Good Heart, Good Works

Broadcast #: 6472

There is something that the faithful, indwelling Spirit of God will whisper to your heart every time you pray.

True Service

Broadcast #: 6473

It boils down to just doing something warm and loving and tender and helpful at the time when it’s needed... as the Spirit of God nudges you.

Little Light Of Mine

Broadcast #: 6474

To be successful in your everyday life keep a good, steady productivity in your daily work.

Consider One Another

Broadcast #: 6475

Learn to listen, learn to find out how the other person feels. Ask questions and share Jesus with people.