Broadcasts referencing Romans

Earning To Be Heard

Broadcast #: 7446

The way to strengthen a person who is weak in their prayer life is to show him or her how real praying can result in real answers from God.

Out Of The Pressure Cooker

Broadcast #: 7447

When you surrender to Him, you see He fights the battle for you. The battle is won, Christ is the victor, and you find that the situation is diffused.

Relational Stewardship

Broadcast #: 7448

Don’t lecture people. Love them, receive them, and show them in this matter of stewardship.

Righteous Receiving

Broadcast #: 7449

We don’t really welcome somebody coming to us and looking down at us and saying “You should be different.”

He's The Blesser

Broadcast #: 7451

God reserves the right to bless people with whom you disagree.

Respect High And Low

Broadcast #: 7452

Revere and respect the presence of God in every believer and you will have love instead of the abrasiveness of criticism.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Broadcast #: 7473

Look for ways to build up other people. You’ll be surprised at the reaction of blessing and appreciation that you will find.

In Step, In Obedience

Broadcast #: 7454

The faithful Spirit of God will always give you an action step which will unite you in the Will of God

Perspective Check

Broadcast #: 7455

Am I enthusiastic about God’s work or am I doing it grudgingly?

Pray The Change

Broadcast #: 7445

People are never encouraged to seek God by your scolding them.