Broadcasts referencing Philippians

Wanting And Willing

Broadcast #: 6469

Let the Lord Jesus take over the management of that part of your life that involves the biggest degree of self-reliance.

Time Well Spent

Broadcast #: 6470

Start spending a little extra time with your Lord. Get to know Him.

Resurrection Power

Broadcast #: 6471

One of the great privileges of being a Christian is that you’re able to be in touch with Almighty God in the ordinary events of every day.


Broadcast #: 6551

Now it is a fact that Christians do suffer.

I'm With Him

Broadcast #: 6552

It’s such a wonderful thing to trust the Lord Jesus to be in you and for you and through you,

One Heart

Broadcast #: 6553

Two people who are at odds with each other can get together on their knees.

Joy That Means Something

Broadcast #: 6554

The right relationship with the Lord Jesus enables you to rejoice even though your heart may be heavy.

Essentiality Of Consistency

Broadcast #: 6555

Consistently determined to do the right thing, not the convenient thing, but the right thing.

Pray Through

Broadcast #: 6556

God waits for you to be definite in your praying, specific.