Broadcasts referencing Colossians

The Heart Of The Holy Life

Broadcast #: 6283

The way you live, the service you give, the lift that you offer to someone, the love and compassion that you show... this is part of ministering, sometimes far more important than the sermons we preach.

Living Truth

Broadcast #: 6303

Christ living in you is greater than your feelings, greater than your fears, greater than your timidity, and greater than your tendency to back off from things.

The Everyday Commission

Broadcast #: 6486

Whatever your situation may be, just remember the Will of God presents an opportunity for God to work through you.

Good And Faithful

Broadcast #: 6488

Faithfulness involves knowing to whom you belong and for whom you’re working.

Brothers And Sisters

Broadcast #: 6489

The secret of victory on any job is a shining heart and a life full of God.

Grace And Peace

Broadcast #: 6490

Power of God resting upon you comes from the grace of God sufficient for you.

People Lovers

Broadcast #: 6492

Maybe you can’t love all the saints, but Jesus can. Let Him love through you.

Alive Hope

Broadcast #: 6493

The reason for living — all of it is conditioned by the fact that my blessed Lord is alive in the glory, and I have a hope.

Very Good News

Broadcast #: 6494

The key to hope is the gospel. Christ died for my sins and Christ is alive.

Faith On-the-Job

Broadcast #: 6487

He just needs you to be available to do His work. Know what your job is and how to do it.