Broadcasts referencing Acts

Starting Over With God

Broadcast #: 7407

John Mark left the team of Paul and Barnabas. There are human reasons for quitting, but never for giving up on God. We need to make sure we are in the place where God wants us to be.

Sharing The Facts Of The Gospel

Broadcast #: 7408

Paul shares the history of God’s promise of a savior to people of Antioch. We must present the facts of the gospel to others and God will do the rest to bring about salvation as a result.

In The Midst Of Darkness

Broadcast #: 7410

In humanity’s darkest hour, God was getting His will done. He was fulfilling His promise, even during the divine heartbreak of Calvary.

Great News

Broadcast #: 7411

God makes you so right with Himself that sins are forgiven and forgotten by God. You record is clean; your life is clean, and you are living for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Straighten Up

Broadcast #: 7413

Through the Lord Jesus, when people confess and trust Him, comes justification, the straightening up of your life to make your life right before God.

Watch Your Heart

Broadcast #: 7414

Expect opposition and learn to identify it — but keep your own heart clean and clear from envy and malice so you won’t fall into this particular snare.

Made Worthy

Broadcast #: 7415

If you want yourself in the unworthy column for all eternity, just refuse Christ. If we want to be made worthy - just accept Christ - He is the one who is worthy and through Him we have eternal life....

Confronting The Enemy

Broadcast #: 7405

The Holy Spirit helps us to be aware of the strategies we need in winning the war against evil. Trust in God, let the Holy Spirit of God fill your life and He will be with you every step of...