Broadcasts referencing 1 Peter

Chosen By God

Broadcast #: 7117

The meaning of being "elect". God already knew the plans he had for you, yet gave you free will to choose Him. He chose you to accomplish His purposes.

The Holy Spirit's Role

Broadcast #: 7118

What sanctification of the Holy Spirit involves: Holy Spirit is active in our new birth in Christ and gives us assurance of belonging to Jesus. He guides, convicts, converts and prays for us.

What Is Obedience To God?

Broadcast #: 7119

Comparing disobedience in a life to obedience to God is saying, "not my will but Yours."


Broadcast #: 7120

Memorizing scripture and praying it over has an effect on our attitudes and action.The application of Christ’s death cleanses us.

Involving God In Your Life

Broadcast #: 7121

Start with God and ask Him for advice. We can invite God to get involved in our ordinary life. You get comfortable with God as Father when you make Him Lord.

Abundant Mercy

Broadcast #: 7122

The result of being made alive is joy, peace and a living hope. Hope is the fact that Christ is alive and is the hope for my future.

Our Hope And Keeping

Broadcast #: 7123

Because Christ is alive we have a certain hope for our present, future and eternity. Our faith is kept by the Word in our hearts and by the Holy Spirit living in us.

How God Keeps Us

Broadcast #: 7124

God keeps us through His Holy Spirit, His Word and His power that can control our lives. Hide God’s Word in your heart and mind so it changes how you live.

Joy Through Testing

Broadcast #: 7125

We have joy because of the person of Christ. Jesus understands how we feel in the trials we go through.

On The Clock

Broadcast #: 7393

Being ready to share your faith with others at any time means having a right heart with God, a gentleness and respect for the other person, keeping in mind the results might come later on, and keeping in God’s will...