Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Eternal Purpose

A Better Life

Broadcast #: 7531

God wants you to be a happy, wholesome, normal human being, and full of His Word and full of His Spirit.

Are You Honest With God?

Broadcast #: 6877

If you’re up against something you can’t handle, just tell the Lord Jesus about it.

A Rich Inheritance

Broadcast #: 7541

The very essence of the life of Christ, what we call the eternal life, is given to you and to me to enjoy now and as our inheritance throughout all eternity

Life On Purpose

Broadcast #: 7516

You can achieve an awareness of purpose by getting into action.

Valley And Flood

Broadcast #: 7336

God is giving you the want to obey Him and then He’s working sovereignly in to your life to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through it all.

Who's Approval?

Broadcast #: 7505

It’s not really necessary that everybody approve of you and me and it really isn’t necessary that we avoid being criticized.