Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Continue In Faith

A Secret Wonderful Plan

Broadcast #: 6932

Spend time with your Father in Heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ so that He can whisper His secrets of love and His purposes to you.

Eternity-Tinted Glasses

Broadcast #: 7348

Learn to look at people in terms of their God-given potential — the grand design that God has for their lives.

Following The Pattern

Broadcast #: 7424

Dead, cold organization leads to division, but organization that is filled with the Spirit of God leads to the dynamics of Christian ministry.

In God's Will

Broadcast #: 6860

Pray on the basis of the known will of God in line with his Word.

In Thy Will

Broadcast #: 7487

God never scolds you for your wants. What He does ask is that you take your thoughts and the things you want and you bring them to Him and you subject them to His perfect, sovereign Will.

Life With Meaning

Broadcast #: 7513

The essence of a right relationship is to keep your heart warm and tender toward God, first of all, by setting your heart on Him in genuine love.

Seek Him, Trust Him

Broadcast #: 6859

Seek God and keep on trusting Him. Wait on the Lord and be of good courage.

Trusting Eternity

Broadcast #: 7335

Read your Bible and you’ll find people in both the Old and New Testament wondering whether God forgot them — but He hasn’t.. If we become too routine in eternal matters, we risk turning out to be shallow, empty, fruitless,...

Your Gospel Story

Broadcast #: 7427

The key to renewal; the key to renewal in any given church, or Sunday school class, or youth group, is to share what God is doing in your life.