Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Circumstances

Being Thankful To God

Broadcast #: 7027

We can be thankful in all things, both the blessings and the difficult circumstances.

Call And Answer

Broadcast #: 6316

Have you really called on God? Have you gotten down to business with God? God waits until you’re real.

Divine Destiny

Broadcast #: 6587

Your destiny is made up not of circumstances around you but of your relationship with God moment by moment

He Can Reach You

Broadcast #: 6673

Paul was aware of how much he needed God. He can always reach us, no matter how far gone or whatever the circumstance. Get to know God in your life experiences so you can share Him with others.

Joy From Knowing Christ

Broadcast #: 7210

Another part of God’s divine nature we share is joy. Applying the Word of God in your life and living in His will gives you joy.

Joy Unending

Broadcast #: 6340

Circumstances can do all sorts of things emotionally to you. But underneath, there’s the joy that never fades and that never subsides.

Knowing His Will

Broadcast #: 6512

If it’s in the Bible, do it. If it is forbidden in the Bible, don’t do it. That’s the Will of God.

Order Of Operations

Broadcast #: 6380

God always starts with the heart condition before He does anything with the circumstances.

The Cares Of Life

Broadcast #: 7187

Cares are anxieties. Cast your care on God by giving over the control of the situation to God, let him manage the flow of circumstances, give him the right to manage your feelings and let it go by faith.

The Fervent Prayer

Broadcast #: 6286

He may not change the circumstances, but I can guarantee you that He will change you in the circumstances.