Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): By Faith

A Redemptive Love

Broadcast #: 7225

The love of God, in its essence, is self-giving for redemptive purposes. He says you can take that love, that kind of love by faith.

Give And Trust

Broadcast #: 6985

If you’re willing to take your perplexity, or your heartache, or your despair, or your uncertainty, or the deep hurt that there may be in your life; if you’re willing to take that to Jesus, and trust Him with it,...

Hand It Over

Broadcast #: 7503

You are at peace. Why? Because you have believed God and His Word and in doing that, you have put the control of the situation into His wonderful hands.

Made A Blessing

Broadcast #: 6950

God has taken every one of the experiences I had before I was saved and sanctified them, made them useful, and made them, somehow, to be a blessing.