Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Assurance

A Plan For You

Broadcast #: 7248

It is God who works within you — both to will and to do of his good pleasure. All things are yours, including the gravelly part that you don’t like.

Focus On The Facts

Broadcast #: 7432

You don’t have to tell people they’re saved—if they have truly committed themselves to the Savior, they’ll know and you’ll know because it’s real.


Broadcast #: 7257

Whatever you really need, God will supply, and everything that comes your way is part of God’s plan and works for you.

How The Gospel Gives Assurance

Broadcast #: 7038

Assurance of understanding, of hope, of faith. Get your life so full with the blessing of God that it spills out.

In Every Moment Find God

Broadcast #: 7008

As a Christian, every circumstance we find ourselves in, whether good or bad, has God’s provision in it. We are called to find God’s faithfulness in every moment.

Living Life In The Holy Spirit

Broadcast #: 7037

To live in the Holy Spirit means committing every moment and activity to God’s help through prayer. Pray your way through the day.