The Scripture Press Years

Dr. Cook always used to say that his time at Scripture Press taught him the power of the printed word. With Scripture Press from 1957-1961, the 45 year-old Bob Cook began to suggest the modernization of the A/V media vehicles of that time -- moving from flannel graph boards and puppets, to audio cassette tapes for church and Sunday School use. 

Dr. Cook while he was Vice President of Scripture Press
Image of Scripture Press Headquarters
Scripture Press Vice-President
Scripture Press Board of Trustees, ca. 1960 Dr. Cook is in the left top row. On the bottom row far right is Lloyd Cory, President of Scripture Press. On the far left is Carl Gunderson (a home builder in the Wheaton, IL, area that built the Cook’s home there)
Mrs. Cory of Scripture Press mentioned
Scripture Press founders and Dr. Cook From left to right: Dr. Cook; Mrs. Bernice Cory (founder); unidentified woman; Mr. Lloyd Cory (founder)
Scripture Press float Wheaton, Illinois, Fourth of July parade, ca. 1959
Scripture Press float Wheaton, Illinois, Fourth of July parade, ca. 1959
Dr. and Mrs. Cook at a Scripture Press banquet
The Cook's in formal attire
The Cook's 25th Anniversary party held at the Scripture Press auditorium, ca. 1960 The Cook's are standing with Dr. and Mrs. Torrey Johnson and Ray Schumacher, who was a groomsman in their wedding party.
The Cook's 25th Anniversary party, ca. 1960 From left to right: Mrs. Bernice Cory; daughter Carolyn (Cook) Borrink; Wendell Borrink; Lloyd Cory; Dr. and Mrs. Cook, and their daughter, Lois; daughter Marilyn Cook; Hilda Nilsen (mother-in-law to Dr. Cook)