The King's College Years 1962-1985

Dr. Robert A. Cook arrived in New York to serve as President of The King’s College on March 17, 1962. Reluctantly staying behind to ensure the sale of their home, Coreen and Dr. Cook’s family finally joined him later that year in September to reside in the President’s home, Braeview, located on the college campus in Briarcliff Manor, NY.

Program from Dr. Robert Cook’s Inauguration as President of The King’s College, ca. October 6, 1962 Representatives from colleges all over the United States attended in testimony of support for Dr. Cook in this new role.
Dr. Cook speaking at his inauguration
Dr. Cook bowing in prayer as he is dedicated as the new President Chairman of the Board of Trustees William Miller is to the left of the kneeling Dr. Cook; Rev. Andrew Telford is to his right
Audience bowing in prayer for Dr. Cook
The inauguration benediction
Faculty, students, and guests in attendance of the inauguration
The Inauguration reception Dr. Cook is greeted by Ruth Crawford, the widow of The King’s College’s first President, Percy Crawford
Braeview - President’s residence on the campus of The King’s College Braeview was used for multiple functions including entertaining student groups, Women’s Fellowship meetings; as well as housing guest speakers, guest coaches, and players from other schools and referees. Dr. Cook’s studio for recording his radio broadcast was located on this second floor. “On the second floor of the big white house.”
Front lawn of the President’s home Braeview shared 13 acres with two other college residences. The property was used for graduations and May Queen crownings in the early 1960’s
Pi Lambda Sigma Women’s club at Braeview
“Kissing the Moose”
One of the more infamous campus pranks involved the use of a crane to hoist a VW bug onto the roof of the gymnasium. Complete with “Reserved for Board of Trustees” parking sign, it was hard to miss.
“Fun Night” in the King’s gymnasium Students setting up carnival booths and obstacle courses for other students
The Western-themed game, “Lasso the Lassie”
Textbook thievery
“Ring the Clown” and “Knock ‘em Dead” booths
A balancing act
Cloaked figure holding a lethal weapon in a crowded gymnasium
The original “Pie Face”
Freshman class of 1963 outside the main building of The King’s College
Dr. Cook at his desk, ca. 1963
Homecoming The King’s College Alumni homecoming festivities featured a Homecoming Queen competition, floats by each class and club, a soccer game, and a nighttime concert.
Float, ca. 1966
A pleasantly surprised Homecoming Queen candidate
Crowning of the Homecoming Queen
Head of Food Service, Stan Jensen, at the field serving food during the soccer game
Cheerleaders during the soccer game with Coach Wilhelmi giving instructions from the sideline
Cheerleaders during the soccer game
Action shot from the game
Dr. Cook on the field
Dr. Cook at his desk, ca. 1964
Dr. Robert Cook outside of the main building at The King’s College with a scenic view of the Hudson River in the backdrop, ca. 1966
Accreditation by the Middle States Board (Excerpt from the King’s Crown yearbook, ca. 1968) A landmark achievement for The King’s College, the announcement of accreditation was made in the formal lounge with all students in attendance.
The King’s College Invitational Tournament Started by Norman Wilhelmi, King’s Athletic Director, the tourney was held every March and featured competitions in basketball, volleyball, table tennis, cheerleading, barbershop quartet, chess, and bowling.
Bleachers filled to capacity with cheering fans
Unbridled joy at the basket
Free-throw at the line
Jump ball
Twin brothers were often the referees at the Tourney
Player foul
Animated calls
A King’s cheerleader leading the crowd
Trampoline tricks at half time
Dr. Robert Cook presenting Athletic Director and Coach Norman Wilhelmi with the All-Tourney Trophy at The King’s College. The final games were often held off-site as the crowd outgrew the King’s gymnasium.
Athletic Director Norman Wilhelmi At The King’s College from 1955-1974, Norman founded the King’s Tournament
King’s fielded many excellent basketball teams
King’s basketball team, ca. 1970’s
Dr. Cook attending a basketball game A diehard supporter of the school’s sports programs, Bob attended as many home games as his schedule allowed.
The King’s College May Queen candidates on the lawn of Braeview, ca. 1960’s Each year, the student body elected five senior girls to be May Queen candidates on the basis on their contributions to King’s. The Garland Girls are chosen each year from the underclassmen members of Pi Lambda Sigma. They honored the Queen and their court, accompanying them at the crowning ceremony and the formal banquet. (The Garland Girls were an addition in later years as it gave more women chance to participate.)
The May Queen being crowned
A May queen candidate being escorted in by her father
The leadership of The King’s College, ca. 1969 Left to right: Fred Rowley (Alumni Secretary), Vivan Martindale (Student Government President), Dr. Everett Kohler (Dean of Students), Dr. Robert Cook (President), William Miller (Chairman of the Board of Trustees), Cal Waldron (Director of Library,) Harold Heie (Faculty)
Dr. Cook seated at his desk
Dr. Cook
Groundbreaking for the new women’s dorm, Miller Circle (named after the chairman of the Board of Trustees, William Miller, ca. 1968)
Construction of Miller Circle, ca. 1968
The Dedication of Miller Circle, ca. 1969 After some interruptions to the building phase (which resulted in women being housed at a local hotel for a year), the dormitory was finished and dedicated. The King’s College choir sang at the event, led by the music Director, Dean Arlton.
Dr. Cook speaking at the dedication of Miller Circle Pictured: Dr. and Mrs. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. William Miller, board members, administrators, and students of King’s.
Alumnus of the Year presented to Lehman Strauss, ca. 1970 Rev. Strauss authored 18 books, pastored several churches (among them High Park Baptist Church in Detroit, MI), and was a preacher and radio teacher with his program, “Bible Study Time.”
Dr. Cook with Vernon Grounds Over the years, many prominent speakers came to King’s and spoke for Bible conferences, spiritual emphasis weeks, and seminars. Dr. Grounds was President of Denver theological Seminary for many years. Many consider him the founder of American Evangelicalism.
Dr. Cook with Dr. Donald R. Hubbard from Calvary Baptist church in New York City, New York. Prominent speakers that visited King’s included Stanley Allaby, Warren Wiersbe, Walter Martin, and Paul Harvey, among others.
Addition to The King’s College gymnasium
Dean Arlton –“no unfinished business.” Later died in boating accident
Dr. Cook in office, ca. 1970
Dr. Cook speaking at chapel Dr. Cook was a regular chapel speaker, speaking once a month. He was known for leading the entire student body in the singing of Malotte’s “The Lord’s Prayer” at the end of his talks.
Dr. Cook speaking in chapel
Dr. Cook speaking in chapel
Dr. Cook speaking in chapel
The King’s College Board of Trustees, ca. 1970
Dr. Cook fishing in Florida with one of his board members During this trip, Bob caught a dolphinfish, otherwise known as a Maui-maui. His kind board member had it mounted for him, and Dr. Cook hung it proudly in his office. It hangs in his grandson’s home today.
Dr. Cook with the day’s catch
Dr. Cook’s 10th Anniversary Program, ca. March 1972
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cook in the hotel lobby of his 10th anniversary celebration
Dr. Cook’s family gathered at a table for his anniversary
A table of friends Left to right: Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Stephen Olford; Dr. and Mrs. Sam Barkat; and Bernice Cory of Scripture Press
Mrs. Cook receiving roses from Martha Miller (the wife of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.)
Mel Larson addressing the anniversary crowd Mel and Dr. Cook worked closely together while at Youth for Christ. He was a gifted writer, a good friend of Dr. Cook, and known for his dry humor and quick wit.
Dr. and Mrs. Cook sharing a laugh
Myrtle Hall singing at Dr. Cook’s anniversary celebration Ms. Hall was an alumnus of King’s and eventually worked for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
Dr. Stephen Olford of Calvary Baptist Church, New York City
Dr. Cook being greeted by board member Walter Hoffman at his award ceremony reception
Chapel commemorating Dr. Cook’s 10th anniversary at King’s
Mrs. Cook at Dr. Cook’s 10th anniversary commemoration chapel
Mrs. Cook and Louise Alfors His faithful secretary, Louise worked for Dr. Cook through his time at Youth for Christ and afterwards at King’s. In the background is student Cheryl Van Houten.
Dr. Cook and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, William Miller
Dr. Carl Gustafson addressing the chapel at Dr. Cook’s 10th anniversary Left to right: Stan Arlton (faculty), Neville Horne (staff), and Jack Cordell (chaplain)
Neville Horne (school electrician) making a presentation
Student acknowledgment of the 10th anniversary
The “Bleacher Bums” with a song
A student skit
Dr. Cook enjoying a laugh
Bev Shea and John Innes were the special musical guests at Dr. Cook’s anniversary
The King’s College choir singing at the 10th Anniversary Chapel
Dean Arlton directing the choir
Crowd in the gymnasium for the 10th anniversary program, ca. March 1972
Alumni newsletter cover celebrating Dr. Cook’s 10-year anniversary at King’s
Men’s dorm float honoring the progress of King’s during Dr. Cook’s tenure
Christmas board meeting in the Faculty Lounge
Photo of Dr. Robert Cook
Christmas decoration night, The King’s College Formal Lounge Every December, students would decorate the Formal Lounge while faculty and staff decorated their office doors. The event culminated with the singing of carols, skits, and Santa’s arrival to see the faculty’s children.
Dr. Cook in his office at Christmastime
Mrs. Cook serving goodies to the students Every Christmas season, students would carol around the neighborhood -- eventually ending up at the Cook’s residence for refreshments.
Students singing carols in the living room
Santa making his entrance
Sunglass-wearing Santa giving a gift to the school chaplain, Jack Cordell
Santa (somewhat less-disguised this year) making his entrance while students enjoy their hot cocoa and doughnuts
Mrs. Cook getting familiar with Santa
Christmas greetings from Dr. and Mrs. Cook
Dr. and Mrs. Cook
Dr. and Mrs. Cook posing in front of the 12-foot tree gracing the entrance hallway of their home
Oops! In 1972, a garbage truck driving up the steep hill to the back of the kitchen to pick up garbage slipped off the side of the road and tipped over. Not only was this the “big news” on campus, it also made headlines in the local newspaper.
Dr. Cook receiving King’s first Honorary Alumni Award, ca. 1972
Groundbreaking for the Cook Academic Science building, ca. May 1978 After the graduation ceremony, the entire class marched from the gymnasium down to where the groundbreaking was held.
Parents auxiliary, ca. 1979 Dr. Cook often met with parent groups from all-around the tri-state area.
Dr. Cook attending a recital at King’s
Dr. Cook with students
Dr. Cook chatting with students
Dr. Cook’s office was always open to students who wanted to chat
Dr. and Mrs. Cook meeting students and parents outside the main building at King’s
Dr. Cook with Cliff Barrows of the Billy Graham Association
Friend’s of King’s Dinner Left to right: David Wright (Board Member), Cliff Barrows (featured guest), Dr. Robert Cook, Paul Anderson (Board Member), Theodore Carlson (Board Member)
Dr. Cook and Coreen visiting a local church Dr. Cook travelled all around the tri-state area preaching and speaking at churches and special meetings.
Dr. and Mrs. Cook with Bev Shea, ca. 1980’s
Ticket to Dr. Cook’s 20th Anniversary Banquet on April 16, 1982
A billboard chronicling the history of The King’s College, starting with Percy Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weist Billboard showcasing The King’s College’s history from 1941-1955
King’s historical billboard Dr. Cook arrived at King’s in 1962. In January of 1967, the library addition was completed. And in December of 1968, the Middle States gave accreditation to the college.
The Robert A. Cook Science and Academic Building as dedicated in March of 1982 This Science and Academic building was often referred to as “Cook Hall.”
Dr. and Mrs. Cook attending their 20th anniversary dinner
Doug Oldham (special music for the evening) with Elaine and Fred Rowley (Alumni Director)
Speaker for the evening, Dr. Torrey Johnson, with his wife, Evelyn Evelyn was Mrs. Coreen Cook’s sister. Dr. Johnson was the Founder of Youth for Christ
Dr. and Mrs. Johnson with Doug Oldham sharing a laugh
Rev. and Mrs. Paul Anderson, Dwight Ryther, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Barkat, and James Weigand.
Recognition of Dr. Cook’s secretary, Louise Alfors Louise lived in the women’s dorm and was a constant positive presence on The King’s College campus.
Student representatives honoring Dr. Cook
King’s Life Magazine featuring Dr. Cook’s 20th Anniversary, ca. Spring 1982 (page 1)
King’s Life Magazine featuring Dr. Cook’s 20th Anniversary, ca. Spring 1982 (page 2)
King’s Life Magazine featuring Dr. Cook’s 20th Anniversary, ca. Spring 1982 (page 3)
Dr. Cook’s cap and gown Dr. Cook participated in 27 graduations during his time as President and Chancellor of The King’s College.
Dr. Cook’s cap and gown
Graduation on the lawn of Braeview, ca. 1960’s
Graduation in the King’s gymnasium in the 1960’s Dr. Cook with a special speaker leading the way with Chairman of the Board of Trustees William Miller with the faculty behind.
Dr. Cook in his regalia, ca. late 1960’s
Dr. Cook leading the crowd in the Alma Mater sung to the tune of “Finlandia” “Tis not by gain of wealth or earthly treasure, Shall King’s be known, to these things be the praise But we will give all thanks to God our Father Who ever loves, protects and guides our ways And we His children hail our Alma Mater Purple and white her royal colors raise. So to our school, though humble her beginning Bound close in Christian love to her we bring Our pledge of loyalty and prayerful memories Pride ever strong in hearts that grateful sing Proclaiming victory o’er the cares that press her, Triumphant hail the college of The King!” --Marjorie Absalom Linton ‘42
Dr. Cook awarding a diploma
Dr. Cook posing with graduate
Dr. Cook marching in with a special speaker from the military
Dr. Robert Cook with Mr. Theodore Carlson (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)
Dr. and Mrs. Cook at a formal banquet, ca. 1973 Mrs. Cook faithfully supported her husband throughout his 23-year term as President of The King’s College.
Dr. and Mrs. Cook relaxing on the porch of the president’s home
The Cook’s on their way out to dinner
The Cook’s
The front of the Main Campus building The historic building was originally built as the exclusive hotel, “The Briarcliff Lodge”
Post card from The King’s College (front)
Post card from The King’s College (back)
Aerial view of campus
Aerial view of the campus In sight: Main building, athletic fields, gymnasium, music building, Men’s dorm (The Castle), the Women’s dorm (Miller Circle), the garage, and Braeview.
Main campus on a sunny day
Dr. Cook with students near the front door of the Main building
A fall-framed road running through campus
The stairway that led from the gymnasium up to the Main Building Students climbed these stairs each day after chapel to return to classes.
Climbing up the stairs
The tile-bottom lake on King’s campus In the 1930’s, Olympic swimmer, Johnny Weismuller used this lake as a practice pool. (See the King’s Main Building and the water tower on the right.)
The lake
Renovations to the men’s dorm In the mid 1980’s, an elevator was installed in the six-floor building
New athletic fields (a track, soccer field, and baseball diamond)
The library extension
The frozen lake in winter
On-campus ice skating
Program from Dr. Robert Cook’s retirement dinner, ca. April 26, 1985
Program from Dr. Robert Cook’s retirement dinner, ca. April 26, 1985
Program from Dr. Robert Cook’s retirement dinner, ca. April 26, 1985
Program from Dr. Robert Cook’s retirement dinner, ca. April 26, 1985
Program from Dr. Robert Cook’s retirement dinner, ca. April 26, 1985
Program from Dr. Robert Cook’s retirement dinner, ca. April 26, 1985
Program from Dr. Robert Cook’s retirement dinner, ca. April 26, 1985
Flyers advertising The King’s College
News article announcing King’s accreditation and decoration night
A photo of Dr. Cook featured in a Christian Herald Magazine article spotlighting his radio ministry
Dr. Robert Cook At Dr. Cook’s retirement dinner from The King’s College, Ted Engstrom of World Vision shared these kind words about his long-time friend and brother in Christ: “Dr. Bob is a man of deep compassion, sanctified wisdom, delightful wit and a heart for souls. It can truly be said of Bob Cook as the Apostle John spoke of Gaius in II John 5, ‘Beloved, you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren.’”—Ted W. Engstrom, former President of World Vision