The Pastorate Years: Weston, LaSalle, and Midwest

After graduating from Wheaton College, Dr. Cook Married Coreen Nilsen. From there, the two moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he attended seminary at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. While attending seminary, Dr. Cook pastored a congregation at Weston Memorial Baptist church, Philadelphia (1935 - 1939).

Weston Memorial Baptist Church on 58th and Thompson Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rev. Dr. Cook pastored this church from January 1935 to June 1939.
Weston Memorial Church on 58 th and Thompson in Philadelphia. Mentions John Houghtcamp.
Coreen Cook went home to Chicago to visit
Congregation outside of Weston Memorial Baptist Church
Weston Church Board Photo
Mr. and Mrs. Houghtcamp Mr. Houghtcamp, a Weston board member, became a good friend to the Cook’s
Photograph of the young couple
The Cook's with their dog, Socko Growing up, Bob had always wanted a dog. One of the first things he did after marrying Coreen was go to local dog shelter and adopt this Chowhound with reddish fur. They named him “Socko.”
The Cook Family Christmas card. This photo shows off the Cook's first child, Carolyn. She was born that October 31, 1937.
Coreen’s mother came to help with new baby Carolyn
Coreen Cook with baby Carolyn
Bob and Coreen with baby Carolyn outside Weston Memorial Church, Philadelphia
Print media photo of the young Pastor Cook
Pastor Robert Cook standing next to the church sign of First Baptist Church of La Salle with the parsonage behind him
Side of First Baptist La Salle as seen from the road
A sign proclaiming the gospel
La Salle, from the side. Back in the day, the designation “Tabernacle” was a common moniker for “church.”
Another picture of the La Salle parsonage and their church sign
The parsonage where Dr. Cook, his wife, and their two children lived while in La Salle.
While pastoring at La Salle, Dr. Cook and Coreen's second daughter was born, named Marilyn.
Dr. Cook and baby Marilyn (born December 4, 1939)
One of Bob and Coreen's nephews (of the Johnson family) visiting
The Cook's, Easter 1941
The Cook family, Summer of 1941
Carolyn and Marilyn growing up
Story of the new bicycle
Carolyn and Marilyn Dr. Cook often tells the story of when he bought his daughter a bicycle. She believed his word with so much assurance that she told all her friends that “I got a bicycle from Papa” even before Bob had picked it up from the store. He used this story as an example of what child-like faith towards God looked like.
The front of Midwest Bible Church, Chicago, Illinois
Midwest Bible Church ladies group
Midwest Girl’s Sunday School class
Midwest Sunday School class youth
Midwest Boy's Sunday School class
Confirmation Class, 1951 Carolyn Cook is in front row, all the way on the left. Rev. Torrey Johnson is the one wearing a dark suit (front row, center).
Breaking ground
Breaking ground Carl Gunderson and Robert Cook
Man with blueprints for the Midwest addition
Building addition nearly complete
Side view of Midwest Bible Church
Pastor Bob Cook emerges from Midwest Bible Church, ca. 1944
Rev and Mrs. Cook
Church dinner and reception
A few laughs at dinner
Midwest fellowship Left to Right: A woman from church; Coreen Cook (in hat); and Coreen's mother, Hilda Nilsen
Coreen Cook in the parsonage kitchen preparing a meal
Midwest Sunday School picnic
Wheelbarrow races
Bobby socks and saddle shoes
Sliding into home
Pitcher Torrey Johnson (also known as Rev. Torrey)
Balloon liftoff