National Religious Broadcaster Years

The success of Dr. Cook’s radio broadcasts took him to the National Religious Broadcasters -- an influential organization in the realm of radio and television. Dr. Cook served as President of NRB from 1985 to 1988. 

Dr. Cook as the President of NRB “NRB should be a continuing miracle by God’s grace” was Dr. Cook’s prayer for the organization.
Broadcast #6391—“How in the world are you?” origination of the phrase that begins his radio broadcast.
Dr. Cook meeting with an old friend, Billy Graham Dr. Cook and Dr. Graham worked together in the early days of Youth for Christ where Billy was YFC’s first evangelist.
Dr. Cook, Billy Graham, and Mrs. Coreen Cook
Billy Graham addressing NRB
Dr. Cook addressing the NRB convention, ca. 1985
Convention of the National Religious Broadcasters, Washington D.C., ca. 1985
Rev. and Mrs. Pat Robertson and the Cooks at the dais
Coreen and Bob Cook sharing a laugh at the NRB convention
Coreen and Bob Cook at the NRB convention in Washington D.C.
Dr. Cook speaking at the NRB convention
Dr. Cook receiving the “Encourager of the Year” award, ca. 1989
"Encourager of the Year" Dr. Cook, Mrs. Cook, Ben Armstrong
An honored Dr. Cook with Ben Armstrong in the background
Dr. Cook
Dr. Cook challenging his peers
Bill Bright praying for the NRB elected officials
Dr. and Mrs. Cook, ca. 1989
Dr. Cook receiving an award in Taiwan Dr. And Mrs. Cook went with a congregation of NRB members to Taiwan shortly before the Chinese regained power in 1988. They met with Christian broadcasters there, as well as the political head of the country.
Dr. Cook in Taiwan
Dr. Cook, a Taiwanese man, and Ben Armstrong
Over the veranda in Taiwan
Group photo of the Taiwan trip
Dr. Cook in South Africa
“How in the world are you?” origination of the phrase that begins his radio broadcast.