Awards and Honors

“The Lord told me all I had to do was be faithful, and He would take care of the sunshine.” - Robert A. Cook 

Growing up poor in a family that was often times in dire straits, Dr. Cook never forgot the humble beginnings he came from. This showcase of Dr. Cook's awards and accomplishments serve only as reminder that God can use anyone, in any set of circumstances, to do great things for His kingdom.

Ordination certificate, ca. 1931
Wheaton College Bachelor of Arts, ca. August 10, 1934
Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary Bachelor of Divinity, ca. May 16, 1939
Bob Jones College Honorary Doctor of Humanities, ca. May 23, 1945
Northwestern Schools Honorary Doctor of Laws, ca. June 14, 1950
Youth For Christ President, 1948-1957
YFC Founders Day President, 1948-1957, ca. December 4, 1958
Portrait of Dr. Cook, ca. 1960’s
Moody Bible Institute Alumni President, ca. 1958-1962
Inauguration of Dr. Robert A. Cook as President of The King’s College, ca. October 6, 1962 Kings College Chairman of the Board William Miller is to the left of a kneeling Dr. Cook; Board Member Rev. Andrew Telford is to the right giving the Prayer of Dedication
Program from the King's College Inauguration of Dr. Cook, ca. 1962
Portrait of Dr. Robert Cook given to him by the King's Board of Trustees, ca. 1960’s
Wheaton Honor Society Certificate, ca. June 8, 1964
Academic regalia (cap and doctoral gown) for graduations at The King’s College (worn by Dr. Robert Cook)
Letter from student body president to Dr. Robert Cook, ca. June 6, 1971
Portrait of Dr. Robert Cook as President of The King’s College, ca. October 13, 1973
“Honorary Coach” of The King’s College, ca. 1970
First Honorary Alumni Award given to Dr. Robert Cook upon his 10th anniversary with the school, ca. March 17, 1972
10th anniversary as President of The King’s College Commemoration, ca. March 17, 1972
Dr. Robert Cook and George Sweeting at Moody Bible Institute, ca. February 5, 1982 Dr. Cook went on to be an Alumnus of the Year
Family Radio commemorating Dr. Cook's 20th anniversary at The King’s College
20th Anniversary plate given to Dr. Robert Cook after 20 years as President of The King’s College
Dr. Cook appointed as Chancellor of The King’s College on April 16, 1982 -- after 20 years as President
Proclamation from the Village of Briarcliff Manor, NY A tribute to Dr. Robert Cook for his involvement in the community as President of The King’s College, ca. May 2, 1982
Cover of Christian Herald magazine featuring Dr. Cook and The King’s Hour, ca. January 1984
Wheaton College Alumnus of the Year, ca. May 5, 1984
Photo of Dr. Cook receiving his Alumnus of the Year award from President Chase of Wheaton College, ca. 1984
Faith and Freedom Award, ca. October 6, 1984
Photo of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cook accepting the Faith and Freedom Award, ca. October 1984
Medal from Faith and Freedom Award, ca. 1984
Distinguished Leadership Award from Philadelphia College of Bible (now Cairn University), ca. 1984 Dr. Cook taught at PCB while he was pastoring in Philadelphia early in his career.
Commemorative plaque from the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department as a "thank you" for his community involvement upon his retirement from The King’s College, ca. April 26, 1985
"Thank you" Plaque from the Village of Briarcliff Manor, NY, for his involvement with the Fire and Police Department, and for being an outstanding citizen of the town upon his retirement from The King’s College on April 26, 1985. Dr. Cook went out of his way to be a positive influence within the community in as many ways as he could.
Dr. Cook’s special patrolman uniform from the village of Briarcliff Manor, NY. Badge #106
Dr. Cook’s police uniform with Briarcliff Manor, NY town police station in the background
In 1985, Westchester County declared April 26, "Dr. Robert A. Cook Day"
A sketch of Dr. Robert Cook that appeared on the cover of his retirement program in April of 1985.
Dr. Cook bust sculpture by Aurelian Cafengiu of Tenafly, New Jersey Mr. Cafengiu came from Romania and was trained in fine arts. His daughter, Alma, was a 1985 graduate of The King’s College. This bust was presented to Dr. Cook as a gift at his final graduation from The King's College in 1985.
Aurelian Cafengiu sculpting
Dr. Robert Cook posing for the sculpture at the Cafengiu's home
Bust of Dr. Cook in clay
Bust of Dr. Cook in clay
Dr. Cook admiring other sculptures at Mr. Cafengiu's New Jersey home
Bust of Dr. Cook in bronze
Bust of Dr. Cook in bronze
National Religious Broadcasters Eastern Chapter "Percy Award", ca. October 1986
National Religious Broadcasters Bertermann Fellow Award
Moody Bible Institute "56 Years of Ministry", ca. April 1987
Western Chapter National Religious Broadcasters Los Angeles, California, Distinguished Service Award, ca. September 21, 1987
South Central Chapter National Religious Broadcasters award for creative leadership, ca. 1987
National Religious Broadcasters Hispanic Award, ca. February 1988
Toccoa Falls College "President’s Silver Medallion", ca. 1988
Description of Toccoa Falls "President’s Silver Medallion", ca. 1988
National Religious Broadcaster’s Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Cook served as President of NRB from 1985 to 1988
Presentation of Taiwanese award with National Religious Broadcasters
Dr. Cook’s Trip to Taiwan with National Religious Broadcasters This honor was presented to Dr. Cook by the President of Taiwan.
Three medals were given to Dr. Cook by NRB, (along with his other awards given at various times).
National Religious Broadcasters "Encourager of the Year" award, ca. January 1989
"William Ward Ayer National Religious Broadcasters" award, ca. January 1990
"Platinum Book Award", ca. October 1990 This award commemorated one million copies sold of Dr. Cook's, “Now That I Believe”, published by Moody Press. Originally published in 1949, the book has been translated into 27 different languages and is still available in paperback and digital download from Moody Press.
"Declaration of Support" from National Religious Broadcasters while Dr. Cook was hospitalized in New York City That year’s NRB convention was the first in over thirty year that Dr. Cook had missed.
A scholarship given in honor of Dr. Cook’s life in 1991. Other scholarships followed this one, including one at Philadelphia College of Bible.
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