We’re proud and excited to have the opportunity to share with you the stories and memories others have shared with us about the impact Dr. Cook’s ministry has had in their lives.  Some of those stories are below.

My Best Friend ( Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Shared by: Jordan Kirby
Shared On: March 11, 2017

I used to say my best friend was Doug, but Doug has moved on. If i could say something about my friends to the world, I would tell the story of my friend Dr. Robert Cook, a close friend, though I've never actually talked with or seen him in person. Nevertheless he has become my faithful radio friend with his voice of wisdom direct from the Bible. Recently someone joked, "It seems all your best friends are dead". But in my heart I know that all Christians are alive and well In Christ. And by faith, one day in eternity I'll look up my friend Dr. cook and explain how I walked with the king under his powerful influence, and how he being dead yet spoke to my needs from beyond the grave. Praise God and My LORD JESUS CHRIST for Dr. Cook, my daily blessing. To God be the glory. Amen!


Hitting the high spots ( Bristol, CT)
Shared by: Brandon Hovanak
Shared On: February 02, 2017

I'm so thankful to Jesus for Bob Cook. When I arrive on the other side of glory, once I meet Jesus and receive some free time, Bob Cook will be one of the first people I will seek out. A true blessing. How he "puts a handle on God's word" so we can grab ahold of it our selves is another blessing. Bob Cook is my favorite bible teacher ever, not only that but his life lessons are very accurate too. How he talks about his father is dear to me too, being a single dad I someday hope my son looks to me as Bob looks at at Charley, I also strive to look at the Lord as Bob did, I'm God's boy, and Jesus is still on the Throne. God bless you all


My Daily Morning Wake-Up Call ( Boise, ID)
Shared by: Katy Ludwig
Shared On: December 26, 2016

During my high school years, while eating a breakfast of two fried eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice that my mom made me every morning, I would listen to Dr. Robert A. Cook from The King's College. Besides encouraging me in my walk with the Lord, Dr. Cook also encouraged his listeners to come visit him in his white house on the hill, so my parents and I decided to do just that! Imagine how star-struck I was to actually shake the hand of the man I listened to every morning. Without listening to Dr. Cook on his daily radio show during high school, I would've never known about The King's College, let alone attend for four years and graduate in 1987. My years at The King's College were life changing and to this day I maintain friendships with people I met there. In fact, attached you'll find two pictures of a group of five of us girls back then and now, 29 years later. I'm so very grateful for the many blessings I've enjoyed because of my association with Dr. Cook and The King's College.


How God used Dr. Robert A. Cook to soften my husband's heart ( Rochester, NY)
Shared by: Millie Hicks
Shared On: February 06, 2015

My husband was only 39 years old when the doctors told him he could no longer work due to a neurological movement disorder. We had three children under the age of 17 and times were very difficult for our whole family with losing his income and all that comes with such health problems. I was saved in 1984 and because my husband was not, he really hated my new found "religion". He used to tell me he would like to throw my bible right across the floor. In time, my husband and I ended up renting a small apartment which he was not happy about at first. I used to listen to Walk with the King on the radio while I got ready for work each morning and he would lie on the bed and listen too. He just loved the way Dr. Cook spoke so friendly and had that little chuckle in his voice. Dr. Cook would always say " I like to put a handle on the word of God so you can get a hold of it for yourself".My husband had a father who was pretty mean and this caused him to have an empty spot inside and Dr. Cook seemed to help fill it with his fatherly manner. I believe the daily walk with Dr. Cook and the King,eventually brought my husband to become a born again believer. He did get baptized and years later in 2006, he went home to be with Jesus! Praise God! I hope and pray that this radio ministry will continue to bless folks all around the world. I plan on becoming a supporter in a small way with my widow's mite. May He multiply and cause much increase! Thank you for allowing me to share my story!


Thankfulness for radio program ( Schwenksville, PA)
Shared by: Kathy Sachs
Shared On: October 22, 2014

Just noticed you have this website. What a huge blessing! I found Dr. Cook's 5-minute radio program several years ago and used to listen to it on my way to work. He always ended with "Walk with the King today, and be a blessing." What encouragement and joy that put in my day! I walked taller and had joy on my face throughout the work day because of his messages. I often said the same words to my daughters as they ran out the door to the bus. They are in college now but both walking with the Lord and hopefully being a blessing to others every day. Thank you Dr. Cook, and thank you for today's media enabling this website so his wonderful legacy can live on!


Calvary Love ( Phoenix, AZ)
Shared by: Brandon Murdock
Shared On: October 17, 2014

When I First Heard Dr.Cook,I felt peace in my heart like I never felt before. My entire Life has been filled with such hatred and a lack of Love. I was born and raised in Philadelphia Pa. Every morning from 7:00 am to 7:15 am I would wait like a child waiting for the ice cream truck, just to hear his soft, loving voice say." Hello dear friends how in the world are you?". As a young man going through so much. The lord speaks through Brother Cook, even in this day and age. His messages are a direct reflection of his walk with our LORD. He was the Dad I never had, and he continues to teach me to this day through the Internet Radio. I am 30 years young, but have lived a full life filled with strife. I love my Wife and Four beautiful children, that The Lord Has blessed me with. Calvary Love is one of my favorite teaching series of Dr. Cook. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate, in Hematology. Each and every day I listen to Dr. cook, and he always says what the LORD put on his Heart all those years ago. That is why The BIBLE is the "Living Word". It is the same yesterday, today, and forever. As The Good Book says" Love Thy Neighbor, as you Love yourself". Thank you for letting me share and as Dr. Cook always ends ever message." Walk with the King Today, And Be A Blessing".


My Walk With Our Lord ( phoenix, AZ)
Shared by: Brandon Murdock
Shared On: October 15, 2014

When I was but a child living in Philadelphia with no mom, no dad, only the words of Dr.Cook who being Led by the spirit of god spoke to me all those years ago on Family Radio in Camden, NJ.He has helped me in more ways than I can say My great Grandfather was the President and Founding pastor of The First Full Gospel Lithuanian Church in West Philadelphia. His Name was Pastor Anthony Talacki. I was Born in 1984, My grandpop spoke a prophetic word over me when I was but in the womb of my Mother.The Lord showed him that I would be a Strong Man of God, and would bring many to know our Lord. The Lord told him that my mother was to name me David. But instead she was disobedient, and named me Brandon. My life has been filled with great loss, war, and pain but today as I write to you dear brethren. I have know the lord my whole life and love his ways more than ever. He has blessed me with a Beautiful Woman Of God and Five Precious children. The family that I once lacked he has given me in abundance. Dr. Cooks unwavering Faith and Love for Our Saviour has brought me a mighty long way. I wanted to share my testimony with you and thank you for still playing his broadcasts.In my darkest hours Dr. Cook's voice and spirit filled Messages have helped me in more ways than I can say to you. He has blessed many with his kind words and amazing testimonies. Please never stop spreading the gospel of our LORD Jesus. Dr Cooks words of encouragement still resonate in this day, the LAST DAYS. Praise the Lord I cannot wait for his return for he is coming soon, PRAISE God almighty, and his only Begotten son Jesus Christ who is and will always be Master of us all.The battle is won the Victory is HIS.P.S The Lords words will never pass, but this generation will pass away.AMEN


Beat up or Upbeat? ( Bethlehem, PA)
Shared by: William Yerger
Shared On: July 01, 2014

It's always Dr. Cook who in the morning keeps me from feeling beat up emotionally and spiritually with his positve, up beat and encouraging remarks. Praise the Lord for his continued ministry


What the world needs ( Oconomowoc, WI)
Shared by: Tony Stelter
Shared On: June 03, 2014

This world would be a better place if more people took his simple, common sense advice to heart. I know I am a better father, husband and man because of listening to him. I have tuned in daily now for about 7-8 years now during my long commute to work. We are all human and we can all stray into sin ever so easily, but his words of encouragement really remind you that He has your back at all times. I now "Walk with God" thru almost every step of the day. Talk about a simple way to put things in your life in perspective; Dr. Cook makes it ever so clear....you just need to listen....


My father's gentle spirit ( East Hartford, CT)
Shared by: Elizabeth Couture
Shared On: March 31, 2014

I have listened to your radio broadcast for many years, and shared it with my father one summer about 3 years before he passed away. It brings a smile to my face when I remember we would say goodbye to each other by saying "walk with the King today and be a blessing"! Dr. Cook's gentle spirit reminds me of my father's gentle ways. Thank you so very much for how this ministry has touched us ...


I thank God for Dr Cook's ministry in my life ( New Freedom, PA)
Shared by: Mary Forney
Shared On: March 25, 2014

In 1981 I was unmarried and pregnant. I was in great need of comfort and hope for my future and the future of my child. Dr. Cook was there for me every morning as I drove to work, humbly loving and guiding me into the arms of my heavenly Father over the radio. I even have a letter from him when I wrote asking for advice.


My story ( White Plains, NY)
Shared by: Marie Alcide
Shared On: January 29, 2014

I like very much to listen to Dr. Cook in the morning. He is one of my favorite bible story teachers.


He Warms My Soul ( Wolcott, CT)
Shared by: Deirdre Higgins
Shared On: November 30, 2013

I love listening to Dr. Cook's radio broadcasts, with his soothing grandfatherly voice and messages that always touch me warming my soul just when I need them. Thank You so much for keeping Dr. Cook's radio program alive. God Bless You!


God with us ( Delhi, VI)
Shared by: chuks adams
Shared On: October 10, 2013

i like this devotional....


A Personal Story ( Statesville, NC)
Shared by: Bruce Kester
Shared On: July 22, 2013

While at Kings, I was working on my car in front of his office in the circle. As he came out to get in his car, he came, rolled up his sleeves, and offered to assist in helping me change the plugs in my car. Think, a college president, getting his hands greasy and offering to help a lowly student. (I don't think he ever thought that one of his sheep was lowly!) He truly was a one of a kind person! I was blessed to have known him!


A Career of Help fro Dr.Cook ( centerport, NY)
Shared by: matthew sullivan
Shared On: June 19, 2013

I first found Dr. Cooks' broadcast on my way to my first day of Teaching Industrial Arts at a Public H.S on Long Island, N.Y. I found encouragement and confidence through Dr. Cooks lectures, it helped me get through some rough times in and outside the classroom. Some thirty two years later I still tune in at 7 am to get inspired and motivated to start another school day which is full of challenges and drama. This up coming year is my thirty third year at that High School, I like to think Dr. Cook has played a part in my years of helping students through their probles and troubles. He has always been like a Father to me and for that I a thankful. I dont know how to say this but Being alone all these years I always hear Dr. Cook voice " when you down to nothing then you know Jesus is all you need. I have a B.S. in Ebgineering,a M.S. in Industrial Technology and a M.S. in Educational Administraion and all of that knowledge cannot add up to the knowledge I learned from Dr. Cook about God. For this I am very Thankful


memories of King's ( Apalachin, NY)
Shared by: Lois Strope
Shared On: June 07, 2013

When I attended The King's College,Dr. Cook was president and our favorite chapel speaker! I will never forget singing The Lord's Prayer at each service-never failed to send chills up my spine,it was so beautiful! He was such a warm loving,and godly man who cared abt. every student! Miss those years I enjoyed rubbing shoulders w/ a kind and humble servant who delighted in his God. His radio program never failed to challenge and encourage anyone fortunate enough to be listening in!Happy Birthday in heaven,Dr Cook! WE love you still!


for such a time as this ( tolland, CT)
Shared by: Adriane Hull
Shared On: June 07, 2013

A busy and sometimes overwhelmed mom of three. I have found the WWTK brodcast on my local Christian station to be such a comfort for me. I greet the 9:15 program with coffee in hand and heart ready to bloom. I thank the Lord for this "friend" on the radio who shares openly His personal walk with the Lord and also brings God's precious Word to the table with such love. Thank you Jesus for those who share your light in a dark world.


Special College Sophomore ( Hilo, HI)
Shared by: Richard Dinges
Shared On: May 26, 2013

In 1964, just as Dr. Cook began broadcasting, I listened to his east coast broadcast on KNDI/ Newark, NJ. I was a college sophomore and wrote to Dr Cook and told him how much I appreciated his broadcasts. If you remember, the zip code for Briar Cliff Manor was 10510---and he used those numbers ---two tens with a five in the middle--which he asked for contributions. Often I would contribute and send him two tens and a five dollar, and he would always write back, thanking that "special college sophomore." His words of encouragement and daily program truly sustained me through a very difficult period of my life. Now, almost 50 years later, I am still Walking With the King, and still listening to Dr Cook each morning on my computer. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Cook's ministry again.


Growing up with Dr. Cook ( Highlands Ranch, CO)
Shared by: Emily Woodbury
Shared On: February 15, 2013

I thank my parents, Joe and Mary Miller, for bringing me up listening every morning at 6AM to Dr. Cook. Ever since I was 12, I heard "Good morning, Dear Radio Friends, how in the world are you?" as I ate my breakfast. Now, 18 years later, I still find myself hearing this same greeting and answering out loud, "Just great, Dr. Cook, how are you?" I have been encouraged to be "real" with God and others over the years and to dig so much deeper into God's Word. I thank God that Dr. Cook's messages have been on the radio for this long, and I hope and pray that they continue to be aired on the radio and live on the internet. I recently moved out of state and was devastated that I couldn't listen to Dr. Cook anymore (because the radio station I heard him on is not available in my area). But, just yesterday, I found your website and cried with tears of joy when I heard Dr. Cook's greeting of "How in the world are you?" I can't tell you how many times Dr. Cook's words and practical teachings have echoed in my mind and ear over the years and have helped me during struggles, temptation, and times where I wanted to just give up on God. THANK YOU for continuing to air Dr. Cook's messages and old radio broadcasts. They are still alive with the Word of God and full of truth that people desperately need to hear. Praise God for a man that obeyed Him and is still "being a blessing" today!


Growing up with Dr. Cook ( Highlands Ranch, CO)
Shared by: Emily Woodbury
Shared On: February 15, 2013

I thank my parents, Joe and Mary Miller, for bringing me up listening every morning at 6AM to Dr. Cook. Ever since I was 12, I heard "Good morning, Dear Radio Friends, how in the world are you?" as I ate my breakfast. Now, 18 years later, I still find myself hearing this same greeting and answering out loud, "Just great, Dr. Cook, how are you?" I have been encouraged to be "real" with God and others over the years and to dig so much deeper into God's Word. I thank God that Dr. Cook's messages have been on the radio for this long, and I hope and pray that they continue to be aired on the radio and live on the internet. I recently moved out of state and was devastated that I couldn't listen to Dr. Cook anymore (because the radio station I heard him on is not available in my area). But, just yesterday, I found your website and cried with tears of joy when I heard Dr. Cook's greeting of "How in the world are you?" I can't tell you how many times Dr. Cook's words and practical teachings have echoed in my mind and ear over the years and have helped me during struggles, temptation, and times where I wanted to just give up on God. THANK YOU for continuing to air Dr. Cook's messages and old radio broadcasts. They are still alive with the Word of God and full of truth that people desperately need to hear. Praise God for a man that obeyed Him and is still "being a blessing" today!


Growing up with Dr. Cook ( Highlands Ranch, CO)
Shared by: Emily Woodbury
Shared On: February 15, 2013

I thank my parents, Joe and Mary Miller, for bringing me up listening every morning at 6AM to Dr. Cook. Ever since I was 12, I heard "Good morning, Dear Radio Friends, how in the world are you?" as I ate my breakfast. Now, 18 years later, I still find myself hearing this same greeting and answering out loud, "Just great, Dr. Cook, how are you?" I have been encouraged to be "real" with God and others over the years and to dig so much deeper into God's Word. I thank God that Dr. Cook's messages have been on the radio for this long, and I hope and pray that they continue to be aired on the radio and live on the internet. I recently moved out of state and was devastated that I couldn't listen to Dr. Cook anymore (because the radio station I heard him on is not available in my area). But, just yesterday, I found your website and cried with tears of joy when I heard Dr. Cook's greeting of "How in the world are you?" I can't tell you how many times Dr. Cook's words and practical teachings have echoed in my mind and ear over the years and have helped me during struggles, temptation, and times where I wanted to just give up on God. THANK YOU for continuing to air Dr. Cook's messages and old radio broadcasts. They are still alive with the Word of God and full of truth that people desperately need to hear. Praise God for a man that obeyed Him and is still "being a blessing" today!


Just to Let Me Know ( Brooklyn, NY)
Shared by: Stever Sohn
Shared On: January 18, 2013

About a year ago, I was walking my dogs, Mopsey and Rufus, and thinking very hard on the state of affairs since my wife had left and was pursuing a divorce. It is very difficult time, and I was asking the Lord as we walked to help me. It was then that I noticed the license plate in the picture I sent to you, Psalm 37. I honestly did not "Photo Shop" those pictures of the license plates. Not a week later, I was coming home from the VA and walking from the bus stop, I glanced at the plate on a car as I passed by and I did the proverbial double-take. The plate number was "Psalm 143." Needless to say I hurried home and got out the Bible and read it. I have never, in my recollection, seen a license plate in any state that had a Biblical reference, and since I saw these two plates, I have never seen them, or anything like them. It told me something, and it said it, as we used to say when I was a USAF pilot, Lima-Charlie: loud and clear.


I Found God Servant Again ( Perth Amboy, NJ)
Shared by: Teresa Bolanos
Shared On: January 17, 2013

Hi my name is Teresa and I have been lisening to Dr.R.Cook since 1978 through WFME everyday at 7am. Dr.Cook has been my mentor. I am 56 years old. Now that WFME 94.7 has shut down. I was very upset because that was one of the reason I heard that station. I became a sigle mom in 1991.And my little boy which is now 21 year old and who use to hear Dr.Cook with me. I told him that I was sad that we weren't going to hear Dr.Cook any longer because they had sold the station. I remember the look on his face when I said that. He said what do you mean mom. I said they sold the station and we won't be hearing Dr.Cook. See I use to wake up with (Dr. Cook) him every morning. But, I saw that my son had his laptop open so I said can you take a look to see if you can find anything in qoogle on Dr.Robert Cook. And to our special there you were. How I wish I would have know that you were on the computer. Year ago, I had requested information about you to WFME but all I had received was a paper giving me an address to request tapes. I often prayed that Dr. Cook's family would put his sermons on the radio/TV/computer. I want to thank you all for this. My Son and I decide that we were going to hear you every night together. Dr. Cook help me become the person that I am in Christ today and also my son. Dr. Cook walked with me thru good times,bad times and I thank God for him. When he pass I was sad for me but, not for him. I know that he is in Glory. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your work. His ministry needs to go on so that others can also walk with the King and be a blessing. Just like I have for all of these year. I will be supporting you. God Bless. Teresa


Dr. Bob Cook's encouraging word to a lifer ( Firebaugh , CA)
Shared by: Sammy Dominguez
Shared On: December 19, 2012

I got saved in 1985 while serving a life sentence in prison. I started listening to family radio around 1986 and soon found myself saturated with this Christ centered ministery where I was introduced to brother Bob Cook.. His broadcast would air every morning at 6:00 a.m which I would listen to every morning before exiting my cell with encouraging words to " walk with the King and be a blessing!!" Having been home for 8 years now, I am still continuing to walk with the King, and be a blessing, just as I have been bless.. Lord bless you all..


Firstfruits ( Kirkland, WA)
Shared by: Susan Gray
Shared On: November 09, 2012

Walk With the King Daily Devotional Message flagged Friday, November 9, 2012 2:36 PM Our 'firstfruits' just shared she has stage 4 cancer. As usual Dr Cook's devotional is so appropriate. Of course we are intensifying our prayers for Kathleen, in her late 50's. Her mama just died this past year, a Christian because Kathleen shared Jesus with her... Thank you all so much for the continuing of Dr Cook's ministry. God has answered his prayers over and over again in my life for more than twenty-six years now... and still listening! Susan Gray


Receiving my Salvation ( Smithfield, VA)
Shared by: Beth Dippo
Shared On: October 16, 2012

While driving, finishing my last quarter of college at the age of 35, I heard Pastor Cook preaching. I only had 2 months for my bachelor's degree which took me 12 years to complete, between children, and on my third marriage. I was raised Catholic & attended Catholic gradeschool & high school.I believed in Jesus, but I KNEW there had to be MORE! That day in 1991, I heard Pastor Cook say at the end of his broadcast, "If you have never received Jesus as Lord over your life, you need to do it today." I thought, "I believe in Jesus." Then he said, louder, "If you've never SAID IT OUT LOUD,say it now!" I didn't think it would make any difference, but then thought, "Okay, why not?" I repeated after him & then added my own words, "And I'll do whatever You ask me to do." Well I felt like I was walking on air for the next two weeks! I told everyone who would listen what I had done, how I felt & that they needed to do it too! Within a couple of weeks, I was surprised & sadden when I heard that he had passed on. I didn't even know he was ill, but I felt like God kept him alive just for me to hear that message! I have continued the most amazing walk with the Lord since then. I can't wait to meet Pastor Cook in Heaven & thank him for his obedience that day! Blessings to his family!


Another "Cookism" ( Rochester, NY)
Shared by: Bill Johnson
Shared On: September 05, 2012

Attending The King's College at the Briarcliff Manor campus from 1972 - 1976, sightings of Dr. Cook were frequent. He always had a ready smile and took time to talk when he saw the need. Once when he stopped to chat, I shared with him the struggle of a then young man to take every thought captive. He always had good advice. Following up on on the topic of our chat about taking every thought captive that morning, later that day at chapel he popped off a "Cookism" that he then shared multiple times during chapel services. He said: "You can't run sewage through a pipe without some of it sticking to the walls." Eeww. The man knew how to get the attention of a confused late teen freshman at a time when distractions abounded! Pass the Draino. It is wonderful that Dr. Cook's devotionals and trademark words are here to read again, and now decades later we find them true as ever. Blessings and "Walk with the King" everybody!


Personal testimony ( Delanco, NJ)
Shared by: Theresa Murphy
Shared On: August 08, 2012

I am so happy to find this website. Since Family Radio is no longer on the Camden, NJ WKDN station, I have missed hearing Dr. Cook each morning. I have listened to him since 1964 when his messages were first aired on that station. I looked forward to hearing him each morning and he has blessed me with his messages, as we walked together with the Lord. I have ordered his devotional book and look forward to reading it each morning and listening to him on the internet. Thank you and God bless this ministry. Theresa Murphy


My morning ( Jacksonville, FL)
Shared by: Sandra Jackson
Shared On: July 21, 2012

I ride to work each moring listening to Dr. Cook. He bless me so... Thank you


Listening and growing in the LORD ( Mooresville , NC)
Shared by: Wayne Crenshaw
Shared On: July 10, 2012

I listened to Bob Cooks radio programs back in the 80"s and have missed his great message to encourage us to Walk With The King Today- so glad i found this great internet site. It has rekindled my faith on new level and has changed the way i listen to our Lord's instructions. I also use it to help me prepare for a Sunday school lesson and Bible study during the week. If you find his message has changed your life and you think there should be more people like him- then try being filled with the spirit and pray your way through the day- Really love his caring style of faith and devotion to the LORD. Well done my good and faithful servant.


The Stat of the Day with Dr. Cook and walking with the King ( Hainesport, NJ)
Shared by: Jeanne Chonus
Shared On: May 09, 2012

I have listened to Dr. Cook every morning at 7am for thirty plus years.I do not have the program any longer as the radio station in Camden,NJ was sold and I miss Dr. Cooks ministry so very much but I am listening on the web. For years Dr. Cook talked about things that just fit what situation I was living or coping with and it was such a blessing for me to make sure I got up before Dr.Cook came on the radio. If he is on another radio station that I can hear him please advise me. I have always felt like I was sitting down with a special friend who said just what I needed that day and encouraged me to keep my faith strong and trust in the Lord for all especially these last years as my dear husband had alzheimers disease and life was not easy for him,me or the family but the Lord always provided and my my husband went home to be with the Lord last year.I hope Dr. Cook has met my husband and I hope he tells him how much I loved his teachings and shared with so many other people to listen to him at 7am or 2pm. Many did listen and I believe it changed their life as one lady I told and she she did share that with me. Thank you for keeping his teachings on line and please advise me if there is another radio station that I could listen to in my area and hear Dr. Cook. Jeanne Chonus, Hainesport,NJ


thank you ( laurelton, NY)
Shared by: eric smith
Shared On: April 25, 2012

dr. cook has seen me thru alot of tough times and altho i know he is no longer with us i still would like to thanks him for these mesages. with that soothing voice he has really made me feel like im being cradled and watched over by the lord. i found this station by accident and have been listening ever since. i have alot of problems in my life but hopefully things will get better and with gods help they will. once again thank you guys for playing these message i cannot express to you how much you have helped me try to right my life. be blessed and thanks.


I Love Dr. Cook ( Hockessin, DE)
Shared by: Clare Shenko
Shared On: March 03, 2012

I've listened to so many preachers and teachers on the radio over the years since I've been saved (about 30 years). But my all time favorite is Dr. Cook. Like others have said, it's because he is the most like Jesus! He is like the godly parent, grandparent and friend I never had. The love of God comes through all his messages and that is so rare. I can't wait to meet him in heaven and thank him. This world is so scary and ungodly. Nobody really seems to care. What a blessing Dr. Cook's ministry has been. Thank you


Thnank YOU Dr. Robert Cook ( Sacramento , CA)
Shared by: vera Tentyuk
Shared On: February 24, 2012

I want to thank you for all the messages you are sending to us. My radio 24 hours are "on" at your station. I am listening such a great messages that are helping me to move on in my life. They are changing people's life.Thank YOU for encouragement and inspiration. This evening I was praying for Dr. Robert Cook. O Lord thank YOU for the wisdom you gave to your servant Dr. Robert Cook. .. I was asking God to Bless him and I felt something unusual in my heart..something that I did not experienced before... (It was very bright feelings that God lives in his heart-in humans heart ... and I am "nothing" . I felt astonished and easy.. each of my cells got a shot). It was such a great feelings. I thank God for having you as a servant. Thanks Dr. Robert Cook for your messages that changing my life.


My Father is Here! ( New York, NY)
Shared by: Eileen Martinez
Shared On: February 22, 2012

My Dad died 21 years ago and for a long time since then I have missed his conversations. He would always teach me life stories. All of his life lessons were braided with Gods word. I use to often ponder on the moral of his stories and it was great to hear him with his calm demeanor associate God's word with what was going on in my world and the world as a whole. I miss him. Robert A Cooke stories and teachings remind me so much of my father. I feel a warm feeling of fellowship when I hear his voice. Sort of the same feeling I would get when my Dad was alive. I am grateful to have tapped in to this website. I always listen to the recordings that I download from the site. At night I put on my headset and play the micro sermons and it makes me feel as if I am in school with my favorite teacher. Though my Dad is gone and so is R.A.Cooke. God always makes a way to supply me (us) with the tools I (we) need to build up and honor Him. While my Dad was alive he helped me with his teachings, and I thank God for technology because even though the bodily presence of our Heavenly Father is not visible, he always show us a way to him by any medium. If we seek him we will always find him, because God our Father is always here. Thank you Walk With The King-->God Blessed you for the provisions.


Be a Blessing ( napa, CA)
Shared by: donna houck
Shared On: January 25, 2012

As a young Christian I discovered Dr Bob's radio program on Family Radio. Unfortunately, yet fortunate for me he came on late at night. I couldn't hear enough of his sermons, his voice was warm, loving especially when he closed with Walk with the King - and be a blessing. Some of my friends also listened as they could, the closing has stayed in our hearts now for 40 years, and if we listen hard we can still hear him say...Walk with the King and be a Blessing...some of dear friends and I sign our emails....Be a blessing today. Thank you for having this wonderful website where I can return and listen to many of his messages. God Bless. Donna Houck - Napa CA


A Prayer Meeting ( Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)
Shared by: Gerald DiMauro
Shared On: January 12, 2012

I'm sure we've all heard Dr. Cook tell lots of stories and I want to share this one. I really don't remember all the details and I hope someone reading this will and might possibly provide the Who, What, Where, and When of the story. It went something like this: There was a particular Prayer Meeting and the people gathered were taking turns praying out loud. As I stated earlier, I don’t even know who the people present were but as they were gathered together in the prayer circle, someone started to pray and they went “around the world” so to speak. One person used a million words and prayed using all kinds of descriptions and then another person and then another in turn. Finally, it was this elderly gentleman’s turn to pray and he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and simply said, “Father” or "Lord". He then paused there silently for around a minute or so before he continued to pray. The focus of this story was about how he brought himself into the presence of the Living God by calling out to Him with one word, “Father” or “Lord”. It revealed an intimate relationship that this man had with the Lord and made an impact on my prayer life. I wanted to know God the way this man knew Him. This story has always stayed with me. Does anyone remember this story and possibly even the details? Thank you and God bless us, Gerald DiMauro


Back in Time ( poughkeepsi, NY)
Shared by: nithal haddad
Shared On: January 04, 2012

Every morning, i get to work at 6:20 AM. I have thirty minutes to cut wood for my woodstove, but at 6:50 i stop everything and i make my cup of tea, then make my way to the car, which was parked on central avenue in Yonkers, just seconds before 7 AM. I listen to Brother Cook every morning, and from my car, he would take me on a journey back in time to the midwest, where we was raised a motherless boy by his Aunt. He would tell about how she cleaned behind his ears and how hard and good it felt before and after. The animal sounds that he heard at night, and the big shadows he witnessed at night were expressed by him. He moved later on and spoke of his big white house in briarcliff manor, located in upper westchester county. This is the town i would actually pass by every morning on my way to work, coming from Dutchess County to Yonkers, where i would think to myself, "Brother Cook, you're the only person i know in this town." He would speak about his times at Kings College where he was President, and it took me back to a place where i was at school, when in reality i was still in my car, and ready to start work at 7:30.


Before CHRIST ( Gladstone, NJ)
Shared by: Michael Trani
Shared On: December 28, 2011

I was a 19 year old boy who had become a drug addict and alcoholic by the time I was 17. I was fed drinks at the age of four because it was thought to be funny watching me spin in circles and run around the house. At 13 I began drinking on my own and various types drugs entered my life soon after. I was very hateful and lived a very destructive life. I hurt a lot of people that I loved. I almost murdered my stepfather at 16. I probably would have done this if my mother's eyes and mine did not meet at a Divine moment. I put my weapon down and walked away. My stepfather never knew. I ran away from home when I was 17. At the threat of being arrested I had to return home to face one of the worst years of my life. When I was 18 I moved out for good. At the age of 19 living on my own in an apartment with 4 other older men I said to myself " I need a talk radio station to wake up to in the morning. " You see I was also a musician and I knew that if I put music as my alarm I would never wake up in time for work. So I picked a random station (99.1 WAWZ in central NJ - Now Star 99.1) and just programed it as my voice to wake me up. For over six months I would wake up as a non Christian to Dr. Cook not even realizing that He was speaking The WORD of GOD to me. I bought a small picture of JESUS and hung it in my room still oblivious to what was on the radio. Soon after I asked my girlfriend if I could go to her Church with her. Then at the perfect time my lifelong friend came to know JESUS and told me The Gospel Story. I gave my heart to CHRIST that night. That was in 1990. Since then I've been on mission trips to the Philippines and Mexico. I lived as a Missionary/ School teacher in the Philippines for 9 months. I am currently in full time ministry in New Jersey for over fourteen years. I believe that The LORD used Dr. Cook to sow seeds of the Gospel into me as a non Christian that GOD took and grew. I'm married now 14 years to the most beautiful Godly woman and we have four amazing children. I am so blessed! Thank you for building this website. I was so pleased to bump into it today and hear that familiar Godly voice of Dr. Cook. I pray that you will all be blessed. And to coin a phrase I've heard many times and is eternally a part of me "Walk with The King today and be a blessing." Mike T


You shall know them by their fruits! ( Brooklyn , NY)
Shared by: Stuart Ebanks
Shared On: December 16, 2011

My name is Stu, I would like to say that ten years ago I had lost my whole Family to divorce and it started at the same time I tried to introduce my wife and children to Christ! My Pastor and all my friends relatives all just abandoned me so mysteriously my aunt Alice was the only one who supported me. I come from an aleggedly Christian Family. As a youngster my Family went to Church and the banquets, camp meetings. As a child all I heard was how God is good and Jesus is lord. I just couldn't understand how my smiling Christian Mother and syblings knowing that wrong was done to me as witnesses to the ill deeds done to me by my ex-wife could actually be a stone thrower.I had no happiness in my life, my prayers seemed to be answered just to be ripped away again. I managed to cling to Jesus through out it all not by being perfect but accepting Our Heavenly Fathers grace. One day while going to work from the Homeless Shelter. My radio picked up a warm caring voice that spewed the truth in such a loving manner. The voice reeked with the Holy Spirit. Until that point I had nothing to live for, the voice touched on issues that were on my mind and was troubling to my soul. The Lord spoke to me through this voice and I cried and cried deeper than I ever did before and after I heard this voice and cried this great cry I felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders for real. The truth can be told by many but very few can make it ring clearly as this voice. I have no happy fuzzy ending to this story by the worlds standard actually I am occasionally struck by the heartache of missing my children. I just turn to this voice sent by God and it heals me. This voice has a mission... To save! It saved me! This voice has a name The Fathers Blessed Son's Holy Spirit's Humble Good and Faithful Servant Robert A. Cook of whom I never met but love dearly and has led me to love God so much more than ever before. Despite the fact that I lay naked and stripped before a cold world. Thank you for letting me share.


It's time to rise and shine! ( Silver Spring, MD)
Shared by: Rebecca Williams
Shared On: December 06, 2011

Dr. Cook helped raise me Spiritually. You see, I had just ventured out as a young woman on my own; from South Carolina to Maryland and began my career with the Federal Government. I was so excited about my new beginnings at the early age of 22; young, single and starting out my new life. I had everything -- or so I thought! Times were exciting and challenging and I soon found that I needed help way beyond my own knowledge and wisdom. So, early one morning, I tuned my radio station and found Dr. Cook! "Good Morning my radio friends!" It's almost like he was right there in my apartment! "How in the world are you?" That was kinda weird I thought but he had a wonderful smile to his voice and even he spoke deep into my heart and my life was never the same. He picked me up each morning, challenged my views, brushed me off and pointed me toward the right road every morning. Now that I've found you on the internet, I am now having that same experience with my family now, including my own 20 year old son! I end every email I send with "Walk with the KING today and BE A BLESSING!" God used his life in a mighty way and He's still using the recordings today and I pray it will continue for centuries to come! Walk with the KING today and BE A BLESSING! Becca


Life-saving broadcasts ( Des Moines, IA)
Shared by: Mark Finkelstein
Shared On: November 09, 2011

I've had many extremely dark days in my adult life, and since discovering him, Dr. Cook has been a unique and sometimes life-saving help. Some few years ago I stumbled on the local station broadcast of Dr. King, very odd hours but still generally there. He's uniquely uplifting and believe-able...I felt re-connected to life with each broadcast, it's as if he reached into the radio and linked me to life for another day, when nothing else could and no one else would. Every single message seems to speak right to the heart, and renders it alive. How can this be? Just the right message, just for my moment. It seems impossible that nearly every broadcast has something that fits "just right, just today" no matter the topic. And even on the one or two days it does not, his loving tone and personal delivery offer reassurance that we are not alone, wanted, one of God's children and that He lives and knows about each of us. It's as if Lazarus or Jesus himself returned to reassure us for a few moments. I wish I'd known of him early enough to write to him personally, but even finding him 16 years since his passing still holds a magic he must have shone when alive. I'm grateful his family have learned this too and want to make his broadcasts available generally...I'll glad to contribute generously if they make them available for free...because that's what he would have wanted.


Personal Testimony ( Vancouver, WA)
Shared by: Roger McIntyre
Shared On: October 31, 2011

The more I listen to Brother Cook the more I am convinced of his value to those within & without the Church. I do not think that there is anyone on the radio who is better at the subject of sanctified living than R.A.Cook. Over the years his spirit-filled teaching has blessed my walk with the Lord more than anyone else.


My magical hour ( kearny, NJ)
Shared by: Lei Faigao
Shared On: October 07, 2011

I heard the broadcast every 2 pm EST. I always look forward to it. It truly helped me to be closer to God. Driving home and listening to him felt like he is talking to me. Thank you.


Thank YOU very much ( Sacramento, CA)
Shared by: Vera Tentyuk
Shared On: September 28, 2011

I want to tell that your program helped me to grow... now I am closer to God.


Growing up and learning to depend on God. ( Harrisburg , PA)
Shared by: Folasade Osibodu
Shared On: September 03, 2011

I was introduced to this ministry through my father. He would listen to it in his car and id listen as well. The messages were very soothing and calming. Later my father suggested that I should listen to it online since i would have access anytime. I did, and listening to Dr. cooks messages along with reading the bible helped to make my life wonderful and secure. This was 2 years ago, my freshman year of college and since then I've veered off course in my faith and dedication to the word. I began to put my trust in people, things, and unreal expectations of the world which always failed me. I've cried many tears and felt many heart aches from this, as well as my past and present day confusion. However, I'm finding my way back with the help of my sister Polly and her showing me that I have to depend ONlY on God. I understand my downfall and mistakes which makes me feel better now. I'm starting to listen to Dr. Cook again and most importantly I'm reading the word. As well as putting my trust, faith, and hopes back into God where I belong and feel safe. I'm now 21, a college junior and I have wonderful opportunities to look forward, and a new start. Thank God.


Starting Our Day ( Ponca City, OK)
Shared by: Lisa Kelly
Shared On: July 19, 2011

When our two oldest children were still in grade school, they were attending a private christian school out in the country. We had to drive them in every morning, about a 15 minute trip. They always asked to hear Dr Cook's morning broadcast- I remember him saying one time that he prayed that even his tone of voice would be a blessing...we just had time to complete the broadcast before we reached the school. Our children were about 6 and 8 years old at this time- thanks to WWTK for a wonderful ministry in sharing Dr Cook's recordings.


He was there for you every time. ( Peekskill, NY)
Shared by: Dan Preston
Shared On: June 23, 2011

I was a student at the King's College in 1963. I had just received a call from my brother that my Aunt Violet had died. I was coming into what was called the Formal Lounge at 7 in the morning. Dr. Cook came in from outside. He looked at me and said, "Dan what is the matter?" I shared with him. He invited me to his office and he prayed for me and our family. He was always there. Never to busy to encourage and help. It was an honor and joy for me to meet and get to know him in the following years. I still miss him and I'm sure I will see him again. PTL


When Jesus revealed Himself to me ( Millsboro , DE)
Shared by: Joseph Kapraun
Shared On: May 20, 2011

I was driving to work about 35 years ago, and I came across "Walk with the King." I was very much involved with alcohol and my life was spiraling downward. When I heard Dr. Cook, I was able to relate to the Bible in a way that I never could before when I read the bible. When I heard Dr. Cook. I was able to understand what the bible teaches us. I turned my life over to God at that time and my life has made a 180 degree turn. Since then I have changed my profession and now I am a critical care registered nurse. I think that whenever I go into work, God sends me into the lives of those who are suffering. I think that I bring God's love to those I care for. If it wasn't for those moments with Dr. Cook, I regret to think where my life would be today. I was truely saved. Thank you Dr. Cook.


Words to Live By ( College Pk, MD)
Shared by: Anjeli LeNoir
Shared On: May 13, 2011

Every morning of my childhood, my father would wake us up with Family Radio. When Dr. Cook came on it was almost time to leave for school. His calm, distinctive voice would make us stop whatever we were doing and listen and God's word would echo in my head all day in Cook's voice. As a child I imagined that was how God's voice sounded-lol! Hearing those words everyday before walking out the door, let me know my steps are ordered in God and I have nothing to fear. I am blessed and Dr. Cook let us know that and told us to pay it forward by being a blessing to others. "Walk with The King today and be a blessing." Truly words to live by!


Found WWTK again! ( Bloomfield, NY)
Shared by: Eunice Fish
Shared On: May 11, 2011

As a new Christian, I would listen to a local Christian station every morning as I got up and got ready for work. Walk With The King was my favorite broadcast and I loved listening to Dr. Cook. After several years, the station went off the air and I lost track of WWTK. Well it has been more than 15 years and one morning recently, I had "accidentally" set our alarm clock to have the radio go off and woke to hear "How in the world are you?" I couldn't believe it, I was hearing Dr. Cook! I had to explain to my husband that early what I was so excited about! I didn't even know what the station was or that it was set to that station or that I had ever set it! But I know who did! I am so blessed to be able to hear Dr. Cook again, I just love his warm style and solid teaching! Thanks for keeping WWTK on the air and thanks to 88.1 WFRW! But mostly, thank you Jesus!!


Attention to Detail ( West Milford, NJ)
Shared by: Stanley Walulik
Shared On: April 18, 2011

After I had been listeining to Dr. Cook for just a short while, I wrote to him to thank him for using so much of his broadcast for teaching rather than fund raising. After I noticed this I started keeping careful track of his time usage. The teaching NEVER took up less than 13:40 minutes of the 15:00 minute broadcast. Quite unique during a time when most teachers & evangelists were using about 20% to 30% of their time for fundraising. Dr. Cook answered my letter with a personal note. My biggest problem now is being able to listen since he is on during my work hours and radios do not work in my warehouse. I will be sure to start a system of regular support in the next few weeks. My pay schedule is changing and I just need to know when my funds will be available.


Treasured broadcasts: Throughout the years, throughout the world... ( Daly City, CA)
Shared by: Ana Fiallos
Shared On: March 29, 2011

I discovered Dr. Cook back in the 80’s on the Family Radio broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew up. Dr. Cook helped me to grow in my Christian faith. I listened to him every morning before I left for nursing school. When I graduated, I listened to him on the way to work. His words gave me peace and encouragement to start the day. His conversational style and soothing voice made me feel as if he were talking directly to me. I loved it when he said, “How in the world are you?” It touched my heart when he passed away to be with the Lord. I thought that his family and friends were so very fortunate to have known him personally. I was happy when they kept broadcasting his messages. I managed to tape a few broadcasts back then, and I have treasured those cassettes all these years. I also have his book, Walk with the King. The cassettes and the book have traveled with me after I married and lived in France, and they are still with me as I currently live in El Salvador, Central America. I ran across the cassettes the other day and scrambled to find an old cassette player, which one-day will be extinct. It brought back such good memories hearing him talk about our Lord. I was thrilled to find out that you have kept these memorable broadcasts to share with us on the Internet. Now, I could share these other broadcasts with my teenage girls wherever I am in the world. This is a true blessing!


Cook Admonition ( Pipersville, PA)
Shared by: Dick Beach
Shared On: March 27, 2011

My favorite RAC saying (and I still use it with students today in advance of exams) - "Don't ever ask the Lord to help you remember what you never first forgot."


My daily comute to work ( Milford, DE)
Shared by: Richard Hooven
Shared On: March 22, 2011

My life with Dr. Cook has been impacted in a very simple way. He drives with me to work from Milford, to my teaching job (music education) in Dover, Delaware. I found Dr. Cook's teachings to be very comforting and I gain strength every morning through his work on the radio. "Walk with the King" is my favorite radio broadcast and I have learned so much. I have listened to King's broadcast over the years but have moved frequently and sometimes lost contact. I am so glad to be in an area where I pick up the broadcast through Family Radio. My favorite thing to do is immitate his closing of "walk with the king today and be a blessing". I especially love when he draws out the word today and moves smoothly into "and be a blessing". I even find myself rating his closing from 1-5 based on how long he draws out todaaaayyyy! His teaching, his love of people, and his devotion to our savior gives me hope and strength. I hope to meet him in the next life and thank him for his radio broadcasts. He is walking with the king everyday. Rich Hooven


Book "Walk With The King Today", 1978 ( Winthrop Harbor, IL)
Shared by: Jerald Archer
Shared On: March 22, 2011

I was able to find and purchase a used copy of the above book, and find it a wonderful source of information on victorious Christian living. It has become a great blessing in my own life, and will be a continuing source of help in the Bible classes that I teach. I would encourage your organization to seek to have it re-published. There are a slight few typos that should be corrected by a good editor, and there may be a very little bit of updating needed. But it is such an excellent source of information on Christian living that it should not be allowed to stay out of print! If it were re-issued, I would putchase several copies to give to folks who need this information, just as I give out the fine book "Now That I Believe" by Dr. Cook to new believers. I only wish he had written more books, as he was a man with genuine Holy Spirit-led wisdom! I would also like to thank you for making this web site available. It is a great blessing.


Salvation from Loneliness and Hope ( Lebanon, NJ)
Shared by: Denise Harris
Shared On: March 11, 2011

I have found the ministering of Pastor Cook to be the most inspirational messages that I have ever experienced. Through Pastor Cook's lovely voice the Bible has been presented to me in words that I can hold in my heart. Listening to the broadcast through the computer has helped me to deal with extreme loneliness and helplessness. I have also ordered CDs to listen in my car. Thank you for continuing this ministry. You have helped me to know how to walk with King and be a blessing to myself and others. I am sharing the website with as many people as I can. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you and help keep the ministry going. It is most important.


Always there and available PTL ( Peekskill, PA)
Shared by: Dan Preston
Shared On: March 09, 2011

I was a sophamore at King's when he came to be our new President. I liked him immediately He was real and so sensitive to people. His office door never had a sign on it that he was to busy to help. Such a wonderful sense of humor. In many ways he was a real mentor to me. Rarely does a day go by without quoting him. I thank God for him and still miss him.


Shared by: Jerry Margiotta
Shared On: February 24, 2011

It was the summer of 1979 at a mens breakfast meeting for our Church Christian missionary Alliance In Mount Vernon NY when I first met Dr Cook His message was on the Importance of men and his role as brothers in Christ holding each other up for the kingdom of God. We spoke after the meeting and the love of Christ that came from him sharing with me impacted my life till this Day and one Day we will continual our talk In glory on the street of gold.Thank you LORD JESUS for your servant Dr Robert Cook.


A Great Start To My Mornings ( Avon Lake, OH)
Shared by: Dan Freeman
Shared On: February 18, 2011

In the early 1980's, I recall often hearing Dr. Cook on my way to work or going to or from the woods while hunting. Of course, one doesn't remember specific messages very well. But at the end of his talk when you hear his joyful directive, "Walk with the Lord today!", it was said with such genuineness, enthusiasm and joy that you knew THIS was what a follower of Jesus should be like! Happy, grateful, uplifting and looking to be a blessing to others. The repetition of this one encouragement EVERY time he spoke was what caused me to recall who he was pay attention when I heard him. It was certainly a contributing factor to my interest that nearly 30 years earlier my parents attended and met at The King's College, then in Wilmington, Delaware. Is it any accident that my father became a passionate, life long believer after receiving salvation his first day on campus? Or that this gregarious, quick witted, fast talking and at times overbearing New Yorker from Queens would woo and court a young, very attractive Mennonite R.N. from Aberdeen, ID? Or that yours truly was born in Wilmington, DE and raised in Idaho? What a heritage! And indeed, I am so very grateful for it and the blessed ministry of Dr. Robert Cook.


A journey among friends. ( Middletown, NY)
Shared by: JoAnn Edouard
Shared On: February 03, 2011

I am thankful that Dr. Cook's messages on his walk alongside Christ's invites me to join in where he was and continue on my personal relationship while he awaits the trumpet call!I'm fortunate if I miss his message at 0700, it becomes available @ 1400. A clear wonderful insight on living today for Christ in a bleak world.


Life Changing ( philadlephia, PA)
Shared by: Kimberly Hernandez
Shared On: January 29, 2011

Dr.Cook's Ministry has been my daily listening life. I have been litsening since 2003 when I found Family Radio, to my suprise I was listen at 2pm on my dial when a soft but reassuring voice was there asking me how I was doing, I thought to my self who was that, with all my own daily life problem, this vioce was comforting and to my suprise as well he was quoting a scripture from the Bible, oh I was hooked from that moment on. Every day since I have listen to Dr.Cook it is not enough to say that he was a comfort to all whom listen but that he showed compassion,love and care for all his listener's, with his famous quote: "And hello radio friends. How in the world are you? You doing all right today?" This is just one of many he would say as time went on he went on more to show he cared not just for us as a person but for our souls which really matters to God. So again his famous saying would get better with lauging and warmth. "And hello radio friends. How in the world are you? You doing all right today? Oh, I trust so. Yes, I wait for you to answer because I know many of you do. That’s a little thing we have between us, isn’t it? I ask you something and you answer me. And of course, I don’t hear it but I know that you’re there and I know your answer is there. Bless your heart. Nice to belong to each other, isn’t it? I like that." It is still a great help now that his work lives on to help all those that are still learning from Dr. Cook what God has to say to us by Gods Grace and blessing. It is a blessing from God that you have provided us with a 10 to 15 minute talk with our blessed KING that has such an impact on my life and many others. Thank you so much.


a daily listen ( Papillion, NE)
Shared by: Debbie Pedersen
Shared On: January 21, 2011

Congrats on your new website- very nice! I get up at 5:55am M_F, to fix my husbands breakfast and pack his lunch. The very first thing I do is turn on Dr. Cook, with starts shortly after I walk into the kitchen. I am continually amazed at how comforting, convicting, and joy bringing his Walk with the King program is! It always speaks to something in my life right now! I'm usually cranky due to some minor (really) health issue and he never fails to bring a chuckle or makes me run for my pad and pen to jot down a gem! Thank you for continuing to share his faith walk with us. I appreciate the other comments I read also. God Bless you in 2011! Debbie Pedersen, Papillion, Ne


Humility ( ozark, MO)
Shared by: leticia proffit
Shared On: January 08, 2011

By listening to Dr/Brother Cook I found courage through humility. What a servant of the Lord he was! How wonderful his sayings remain. I love his memory. I want to continue listening to him but I don't have a clear radio reception where I live.


Driving with the King ( Mount Vernon, NY)
Shared by: Hugh Marriott
Shared On: January 04, 2011

Every morning for the last 3 years I used to leave home at 5:30am and drive one hour to work. As an executive, my job was extremely demanding and every day it would challenge my integrity and my allegiance to God. The great thing about leaving at that time is I would always have the opportunity to listen to Dr. Cook. His soothing tone, optimistic attitude, simplicity, and spiritual conviction was exactly what I need each day in order to face my many challenges. Dr. Cook not only strenghtened my faith but his ministry was also very instrumental in cultivating my desire to pursue ministry studies at a seminary. Thank you for making his passion available to us all as we endeavor to "walk with the King and be a blessing".