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Walk With The King, Inc. was formed in 1991 for the sole purpose of continuing the radio ministry of Dr. Robert A. Cook in re-broadcasts, and also to preserve and distribute the wealth of his ministry materials. These materials in written and tape form stem from the many years of his ministry.

The brief daily devotional heard on the radio is a continuing blessing to many who look forward each day to the practical, spiritual insight that Dr. Cook offers. His warm and friendly manner is encouraging and challenging. Here's what some of our listeners have shared with us:

  • "I listen to Dr. Cook's program each morning. It's a source of great inspiration in the midst of a hectic life."
  • "Each morning it is like meeting an old friend to set the tone and focus for the day."
  • "In listening to the comforting words of Dr. Cook, the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I gain the strength to persevere."

We hope that by continuing these broadcasts many will be brought to the knowledge of the Savior, and many will be challenged in their faith. Dr. Cook's life is an example of what God can do with someone who is totally yielded to Him. We hope that the example of his life, and the inspiration of his words will be a source of great encouragement both to those who listen over the airwaves and those that obtain his written and taped materials.

You can be involved with this important ministry by supporting us with your prayers and financial donations. We are a not-for-profit organization, and all donations are tax-exempt. The portion of donation amounts from materials requested that is tax-deductible will be marked on your receipt.